Illegal practice The CDM wants to condemn Jacynthe René

Illegal practice The CDM wants to condemn Jacynthe René

Even if she warned her audience that she was not a doctor, the actress Jacynthe René must be sentenced for illegal practice of medicine, thundered the College of Physicians on Wednesday, at the criminal trial of her welfare company.

“Warnings do not give carte blanche. In two videos posted on Facebook, the language is very medical, very scientific, it deals at length with health deficiencies, ”pleaded Wednesday the lawyer representing the College, Mr.e Catherine Dion-Cliche.

Sitting in the courtroom of the Montreal courthouse, the actress listened in silence to the pleadings of the lawyer, who calls for a conviction of her company, Maison Jacynthe, for having “acted in such a way as to give reason to believe [qu’elle] is authorized to do a reserved act [aux médecins] “.

Facebook videos

Naturopath Christian Limoges as well as his clinic, L’Aube, are also targeted by this lawsuit.

The charges against the group relate to two videos posted on Facebook in 2018, relating to a detox program. It is clearly stated there that neither Mme René and Mr. Limoges are not doctors, but they have nevertheless gone too far, considers the College.

“It’s related to the acidity of the body,” explained M.e Dion-Cliche. The remedy offered is always the same, which is to alkalize the body, by following a diet and taking natural products promoted by the defendants. And the ultimate solution is colon irrigation. “

The lawyer representing the College assures that there is no question of attacking the business model of Maison Jacynthe, but that the content of the comments suggests that they are doctors. And even if no one had bad intentions, everyone should be condemned, she said.

No confusion

Jacynthe René, for her part, denies having tried to pass herself off as a doctor.

“The word ‘cure’ is used twice to say that detox does not cure, argued his lawyer, Mr.e Hugo Beaudoin. The word “doctor” is also used, to say that they are not doctors and that it is necessary to go to consult one. “

For the lawyer, Mme René took on the role of facilitator, who shared his experiences on detox, without giving medical advice. And any reasonable person would understand that they are not trying to deceive their audience.

“Even if someone who does not know her watches the videos, there would be no confusion,” added the lawyer.

Mr. Limoges’ lawyer echoed the same point, hammering that at no time did his client pass himself off as a doctor or even let believe that he was one.

“He says on several occasions that he is not one, it is not because one recommends a way of life that one is a doctor, pleaded Me Guy Ste-Marie. He gives feeding advice, talks about smoothies. Hydration of the colon is not an act reserved for medicine. “

At the end of Wednesday’s hearing, Judge Nathalie Duchesneau of the Court of Quebec announced that she was taking the case under advisement, and that she would deliver her judgment in mid-March.


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