Illegal practice of medicine Maison Jacynthe in appeal of the verdict

Illegal practice of medicine Maison Jacynthe in appeal of the verdict

The company of the actress Jacynthe René still cannot digest her conviction for having practiced medicine illegally, so that she is demanding either a new trial or an outright acquittal.

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“The trial judge made an unreasonable decision […] she erred in law, ”affirms Maison Jacynthe in its notice of appeal presented to the Montreal courthouse on Friday.

Last March, the wellness company was convicted of “acting in a way that made it appear as though she was licensed to practice medicine,” because of two “detox” videos posted on Facebook in 2018.

We then saw the actress Jacynthe René, accompanied by the naturopath, talking about health problems in medical language. They then suggested irrigation of the colon as a treatment.

“The defendants let any reasonable person suppose that they can diagnose diseases or provide treatment to cure them, and in doing so, commit an illegal practice of medicine,” said the magistrate.

She changes her mind

Immediately after the verdict, Ms. René uploaded a video where she said she was sorry to have committed a mistake. Last month, Jacynthe René agreed to pay a fine of $ 19,000.

Except that she has since changed her mind, saying that the judge confused the illegal practice of medicine and the offense of “giving reason to believe to be authorized to practice medicine”.

The company also alleges that the judge should never have noted a contradiction in the testimony of the actress, when it was not one, according to Maison Jacynthe.

The hearing for further proceedings is scheduled for September.


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