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“I’ll die if I go to Budokan” Review

Rating ★★★★★ (82 points) Total 12 episodes

Synopsis Freeter’s Eri is an enthusiastic fan of Maina, the lowest-ranked member of the seven-person underground idol group “Cham Jam,” who is active in Okayama Prefecture.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. An idol anime in which fans play the leading role! ?

    1. Fall in love with an idol
    2. salt
    3. Exchange between fans
    4. Passing each other
    5. Idol
    6. Budokan
    7. Idol fan
    8. Festival
  2. Review: Ask the essence of idol fans

    1. Personal impression: Idol anime is good.

An idol anime in which fans play the leading role! ?

The original is a manga work serialized in the monthly COMIC Ryu.
The production is Eight Bit, and the director is Yusuke Yamamoto.

Fall in love with an idol

Image quote source: I will die if Oshishi goes to Budokan from 1 episode
© Arai Hirao/Tokuma Shoten/Promotional Martial Arts Production Committee

At the beginning of episode 1, there is a 20-year-old woman.
It starts from watching the live performance of an underground idol.
With a trivial trigger, he gets stuck in an “idol” and is about to be killed by “Oshi.”
In idol animation, the leading role is essentially “idol”.
Idol anime is the story of each idol.

However, it can be said that this work is a little different.
Anyway, the woman who plays the leading role in the story is “fan” (laughs)
I earned all my income and made a jersey in high school even in plain clothes.
He’s a fan who’s too aggressive.

This work is an idol anime but not an idol,
It’s a movie with fans who are too aggressive.
She cheered up during the live and was so excited that she got nosebleed
He is an avid fan.

The work that depicts “fans” while many idol animations are born
Although there were works such as “Million Doll”,
There were many problems with that work, and honestly it was only a bad work.
However, this work couldn’t do such a “Million Doll” from episode 1.
It makes you feel the fun of “idol fans”.

Idol fans with many fans and idols with few fans
It’s an anime that starts from the first episode.
The beauty is that a 20-year-old woman is a big fan,
Such a protagonist and a typical geek are together as the same fan
Discomfort leads to laughter.


Image quote source: I will die if Oshishi goes to Budokan from 1 episode
© Arai Hirao/Tokuma Shoten/Promotional Martial Arts Production Committee

Buy an idol’s 5 seconds for 1000 yen, which is an idol fan (laughs)
While they enjoy the pleasure of making money,
The protagonist buys handshake tickets in order to monopolize such time.
However, the “maina” recommended by such a protagonist is salt-friendly.
She, who has few fans, is obviously not popular compared to the same group.

Even if the main character, who can be called the only fan, sits in the front row
They don’t even look at me. Even a handshake doesn’t even smile at the protagonist.
While I was worried about the part “Why is she salt?”
In what direction does this work proceed? I am worried about that.

The ending theme is a cover of “Momoiro Katamoi”,
Using idol as a theme, draw a fan who still has a crush
It matches this work.
However, at the same time, is it that you are in your late twenties and above when you can understand “peachy crush”?
The question is born (laughs)

Though they should be salt-friendly, they are thinking about the main character in the dressing room.
While depicting the ecology of typical nerdy fans who can be said to be unpleasant,
As a beautiful woman, a 20-year-old woman falls into it,
This work has a solid interest.

Exchange between fans

Image quoting: From the 2nd episode, I’ll die if Oshishi goes to Budokan
© Arai Hirao/Tokuma Shoten/Promotional Martial Arts Production Committee

This work is really a conversation between fans who can be said to be fresh in a sense.
The main character cheers for “Maina” because the main character is so enthusiastic about it.
On the contrary, it is also a cause that the number of fans does not increase and it is not popular among the group.
Conversely, “Kumasa”, who is also a fan of the same idol group as the main character, recommends
The most popular child in the group.

Depending on the members who are supporting the same group, the position of the fans also differs.
Of course, popular members are given priority when they appear at an event,
“Kumasa” who is cheering naturally takes it, and conversely selects unpopular members.
The protagonist who is cheering also said, “It is unlikely that the idol I am pushing is going to appear anyway”
Easy to walk.

Conversation from such a “fans” position is properly drawn,
There are many scenes where they are just chatting at a coffee shop.
However, such “daberi” has a solid interest in this work,
For those who don’t know the “idol fan” called “idol fan”
It’s because I draw the unknown world somewhere vividly and realistically.

Especially, “Kumasa” looks like “Kimoota”,
In a sense, he can be called an idol fan,
It releases a line that can be called a saying.

“I know no one can be the best,
At least I want to like No. 1 Leo. “

Because I know my own appearance and personality, and my own evaluation from the public
Although I have a low self-esteem, I am aware of myself
Why does he support “idols”?
Such a way of life of him stimulates the lacrimal gland a little.

Such a character called “Kumasa” is not good even if it is solidified with a whole body brand
In a sense, there are times when he is the hero rather than the hero.
The scene where he is “rewarded” as an idol fan
Many people can’t see without tears.

Passing each other

Image quote source: 3 stories that will die if Oshishi goes to Budokan
© Arai Hirao/Tokuma Shoten/Promotional Martial Arts Production Committee

The main character recommends “Maina” because it makes me nervous,
I can’t be honest with the main character. To the hero who originally looked only at himself
I have a feeling for it.

Because of such an attitude, the hero also thinks of himself
I misunderstand that I don’t like it. This misunderstanding of each other’s feelings
“Passing rice
It produces a conversation drama like “Die”.
It’s also a gag, but in the case of this work, it’s sad.

Situation, personality, and all kinds of elements
You can’t get along straight.
Did you feel jealous of your relationships with other fans, or changed your mind? I feel uneasy.

An idol who cannot be obedient to his feelings, and a hero who is too obedient.
At the same time I can laugh at the passing of these two unfamiliar feelings, but at the same time, I feel sad.
It’s like watching a youth romantic comedy that doesn’t really grow.

While this work is a gag animation,
While being a daily animation, it is also a love anime.

The position of the heroes who are idol fans, their position as idols,
There are rivers that can and cannot be crossed to each of these positions.
Although the heroes sometimes notice such pity and despair,
Still, the protagonists continue to support the idols.

Even if you don’t convey your feelings, even if you deal with salt.
What is an “idol fan”?
I gradually see what I want to draw with this work.


Image quoting: 4 stories that will die if Oshishi goes to Budokan
© Arai Hirao/Tokuma Shoten/Promotional Martial Arts Production Committee

Although the protagonist of this work is a fan, the idol is also drawn properly.
In a sense, the idols are “ideal” idols.
As an idol, I do not think about romance with fans, I am with a child of the same group
Although it may compete for popularity, it is not a dull development.
It’s the ideal Okayama idol that fans want.

Because the leading fans are desperately supportive,
It must be an idol that viewers want to support.
They are ideal idols who just say that they know 100 things.
Such ideal idols as idols
I am trying to answer the wishes of my fans.

Idols who are ideal and trying to answer their thoughts
Desperately answering the fans’ wishes, be an idol as an idol
The lacrimal glands are also mysteriously stimulated by their appearance.
Idols may also think as idols,
This work is interesting because the story of such an idol is also drawn.

The girls who are worried about the fan’s suspicion and worried about their position and standing position,
How do you become the number one for your fans?
There is a longing for idols among idols,
Their ideal behavior and dialogue as idols,
There is an idol that you want to support.

Each one has its own story. Idol is a story.
Draw a proper story,
At first, the idols who were not impressed were able to delve into each one exactly,
Like the protagonists, they want to support them.
The women who want to be idols are professionals.

Although this work is an idol anime and the main character is a fan,
The idol is properly drawn as an idol animation.
In some sense, the relationship between idols is like a lily, which is ideal for fans (laughs).
Trying to grin the relationship between such lily idols
It is a sex because it is a nerd.

While drawing the story of each idol, draw the fans who support such idols.
What are idols and fans?
This work depicts such a thing.


Image quote source: I will die if Oshishi goes to Budokan from 1 episode
© Arai Hirao/Tokuma Shoten/Promotional Martial Arts Production Committee

The title “Budokan” of this work is a dream.
It’s a distant dream for local idols,
Some members are not feeling the reality.

But it’s a pure wish for fans.
The supporting idol goes to “Budokan”.
“Budokan” is special for those who support idols,
It is painfully transmitted in this work that it is such a special thing.

If Oshishi goes to the Budokan, he will die.
Such a line that only Gag heard in episode 1
The more the story goes on, the more it is understood that they are not gag but their intention.

Idol fan

Image quote source: I will die if Oshishi goes to Budokan from Episode 11
© Arai Hirao/Tokuma Shoten/Promotional Martial Arts Production Committee

Their actions and dialogue are interesting.
Feelings for inspiration, actions at events, etc.
Because I don’t know “idol fans”,
There are many things that I know about this work for the first time.

In that situation, the lines of them and the protagonist shine.

“Why am I not producing Maina?”

It’s meaningless anymore (laughs) I want to know everything because my love is deep.
Gently tweet the overly heavy love of such fans with a tasteful dialogue,
Laughter is born there.

Because it’s a local idol, the closeness of distance between fans and idols
To strengthen the relationship between idols and fans.
If this is a national idol, the story of this work cannot be drawn.
It’s a work that makes good use of situations that are unique to the local area.


Image quoting: 12 episodes that will die if Oshishi goes to Budokan
© Arai Hirao/Tokuma Shoten/Promotional Martial Arts Production Committee

Local idols appear at idol festivals.
It’s one passing point, a festival that you can’t avoid going towards the Budokan.
They are by no means very popular idols.
However, many popular idols appear at the festival.

That’s why we compare them to the difference between ourselves and popular idols.
Hearing that a child who used to be in the same group is going to Budokan
It may be hit. But they don’t give up.

“Effort doesn’t always pay off, but…
I don’t think it’s all wasted.”

The one watching in one cool is also a fan of them.
Such “effort” of them is drawn in the final story.
Larger than usual stage, many spectators.
But there are also regular fans.

Fans who support their live performances and their live performances.
The “live” scene where idols and fans are united
It made me want to raise my voice and support me.

A live performance that both idols and fans can say is “the best”.
It is drawn in the final story. The story of an idol,
It makes us feel the story of the fans even in the final story.

And I can understand the final story.
The handshake between the main character who passed each other and Maina
This is also a happy space where you can smile.
Why I support idols, maybe it’s for this moment
It is the last scene that makes you feel.


Review: Ask the essence of idol fans

Image quoting: 12 episodes that will die if Oshishi goes to Budokan
© Arai Hirao/Tokuma Shoten/Promotional Martial Arts Production Committee

Overall, it’s a great idol anime that makes you laugh and cry.
Originally the main character is an idol in the idol animation,
This work adds thickness to the idol story by placing the main axis on the “fan”.
Of the fans who support the idols while drawing the story of the idols
By drawing a story, you can more like “idol”.

No, it is a work that you can like underground idol group “Cham Jam”.
Each idol has worries and conflicts, and there is a story.
Fans support such stories.
Idols exist because of their enthusiastic thoughts and constant feelings.
I’m an idol with fans, and a fan only with idols.
The connection between idols and fans is strongly felt in this work.

Despite being an idol anime, the main character is an idol fan.
Although it should have such a heterogeneous setting, this work is a proper idol animation.
“Idol” as much as other idol anime
I am trying to draw the essence.

That’s why I always want to see more of them and their stories.
I would like to watch with them until they go to Budokan. I want to support you
The degree of completion as an “idol animation” is high enough to make you feel like that,
While watching, it is a work that becomes a fan of the underground idol group “Cham Jam”.

Why do you support idols and why you become a fan.
“The fun of supporting an idol” that answers such questions
It was a work that made me feel firmly.

Personal impression: Idol anime is good.

Image quoting: 12 episodes that will die if Oshishi goes to Budokan
© Arai Hirao/Tokuma Shoten/Promotional Martial Arts Production Committee

This work is plainly particular about the live scene.
In the case of idol animations, most of them are described by “3DCG”.
But now I’m drawing without relying on such 3DCG.
It was a work in which the production side felt a strong affection.

At the time of episode 1, is the gag anime based on the fact that the main character is a fan?
I felt that it was a work full of various elements as the story progressed.
Yuri between idols, youth called idol story,
A gag with dialogue and actions full of fan sense.
Each element is drawn exactly, and it is collected as one work.

Some works can be laughed, some can cry.
But I can laugh and cry. Surprisingly few such works.
This work is such a work that you can laugh and cry.
Characters, productions, voice actors, stories, this work is full of love.

The tear gland collapses at the ending of the final story.
I would like you to see such a work.

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