IKEA launches gaming furniture collection with ASUS ROG

IKEA has just announced a new collection of gaming furniture created in partnership with ASUS ROG. More than 30 products including desks, chairs and accessories are already for sale in China and will soon be available worldwide.

The Swedish giant IKEA fully launched into gaming. Renowned for its affordable, good-quality furniture, the firm has partnered with ASUS Republic of Gamers, specialist in gaming products such as laptops, screens and smartphones. Moreover, the eagerly awaited ASUS ROG Phone 5 was unveiled in a grip a few weeks ago.

The MATCHSPEL gaming headquarters
The MATCHSPEL Gaming Headquarters – Credit: IKEA

IKEA had already unveiled a range of gaming accessories in 2019, but this new collection mainly focuses on furniture with some accessories dedicated to players.

IKEA gaming furniture is minimalist and stylish

In total, the collection includes 30 products divided into 6 ranges different: HUVUDSPELARE, UTESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UPPSPEL and LĂ…NESPELARE. The dominant colors of the furniture are obviously black and red from ASUS ROG, but also a sober and elegant white.

According to IKEA, there is 2.5 billion gamers in the world and that’s the reason he wants ” democratize the gaming experience, by creating relevant, functional, beautiful and affordable products and complete gaming solutions to make it easier for everyone to create the configuration and home they want “. Indeed, all the furniture in the IKEA gaming collection are minimalist and uncluttered.

The Swedish giant has decided to ignore LEDs which are however very popular with other brands like Razer. The gaming giant has also recently launched the Iskur seat with integrated and adjustable lumbar support, but which surprisingly does not have LEDs.

Image 1: IKEA launches gaming furniture collection with ASUS ROG
The UPPSPEL drawer unit on casters – Credit: IKEA

In addition, IKEA has specified that the 6 ranges of the gaming collection each contain a seat and a desk whose prices vary to meet the needs of each player. Among the other products available, there are drawer units on casters with integrated tray support and also accessories. These include cup holders, ring lights, mugs, multifunctional blankets, cousins, etc.

Finally, the IKEA gaming collection was launched on January 29, 2021 in China and will arrive in Japan in May. With regard to other countries and France, IKEA announced that the collection will be available worldwide from October 2021.

Source : Ubergizmo

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