IGN reviews 6 most expected to be adapted by Netflix

There are very few successful cases in adapting movies and episodes to games, but Netflix’s luck seems to be slightly better. They have received a lot of praise based on the animations based on “Evil Castle” and “Stolen Carmen.” “The animation is in production. Of course, the most popular is the live-action TV series of Netflix” The Witcher. “

Although the Witcher episode is more based on the original than the game, the play has set a new record for the popularity of fans and newcomers four years after the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. According to IGN speculation, perhaps many game publishers see the benefits of game adaptation drama series, and will also be more authorized to adapt their own works. Today (January 19), IGN announced six games it hopes to adapt to Netflix TV series.


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剧 There are no shortage of crime dramas in big cities, but the focus is almost always on police rather than criminals. As an open world, “Grand Theft Auto V” has attracted a lot of players with its high degree of freedom, while the story of “Grand Theft Auto V” has been ignored by many people. It shows the three criminal characters experience from different perspective In the same event, these things can be used as Netflix adaptation material.

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