iGame SIGMA M500, powerful PC gaming line from COLORFUL

iGame SIGMA M500, powerful PC gaming line from COLORFUL

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iGame SIGMA M500, the new PC gaming series has just been announced by COLORFUL component maker with multiple levels of configuration for gamers to choose from.

Recently, COLORFUL – a manufacturer of computer components from China has just announced their latest product to gamers around the world.

Built-in gaming PC is under iGame, with the name iGame SIGMA M500, produced with a variety of pre-configured levels suitable for all gamers' pocket money, providing a high level of experience for those who need to work and play games.

COLORFUL has integrated in this gaming PC the Intel Core 8 and 9th generation processors, COLORFUL iGame graphics cards, DDR4 RAM and high-speed SSD.

The machine includes four different configuration versions: Basic, Advanced, Prime and Ultra, with retail prices starting at 749 USD (17.4 million) to 1145 USD (26.6 million).

However, one of the highlights that iGame SIGMA M500 The main part is the completely new case, which is inspired by the self-designed cases with meticulous machining, which enhances the performance and creates a "good" appearance!

With this design, iGame SIGMA M500 will provide extremely good heat dissipation capability while keeping noise to a minimum. Heat holes with wings shape will help the PC maintain an equilibrium between ventilation and noise reduction.

The design of the heat escape system is also "honed" very neatly, helping to maximize the potential of the hardware but still retaining its exquisite beauty.

Besides that, iGame SIGMA M500 also owns two USB 3.0 ports and USB 2.0 with headphone and microphone jacks, arranged symmetrically with the power button in the middle, creating accents for the case.

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