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iFixit opened selling back cover with "Interior" pictures of iPhone lives

iFixit sells protective covers for iPhone with color prints or X-Ray for $ 9.99 on their Web site. These are polyurethane backrests (PU), a material with outstanding resistance to good oxidation and elasticity to absorb force when impacted.
Some of you may not be familiar with "penetrating" look wallpapers, made from product photos when they "peck" them. And now they do more phone protection covers. They named this product "Insight", which can be understood as inside. Through the product image, it can be seen as many types of case are sold on the market today, the only special point is that the back of the back cover is printed with the details of the iPhone when viewed from On the back, it looks like an iPhone with a transparent back.

Currently I see there are types of tiles with 2 choices: color printing or X-Ray printing for models: iPhone 6 / 6s (and Plus version), iPhone 7/8 (Plus version), iPhone X , iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max. All are priced at $ 9.99, about 220,000
I hope iFixit will soon cooperate and sell it in some international e-commerce sites, to make it easier for those who love it to buy goods.

2 versions for iPhone XS Max

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Iphone 7 / 8Plus will look like this

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iPhone 6 / 6s will be like this.

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