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iFi launches a high-end Power Station power outlet for High-End sound systems

iFi Power Station is the company's first filtered power outlet, which was introduced to meet the demand for high-end power outlets on High-End sound systems. The new product of iFi is also equipped with a lot of proprietary technology from many other vendors with the products on the market today.

iFi Power Station is a product that incorporates a high-end filter plug that comes with the famous AC iPurifier accessory. This helps iFi Power Station can hope to compete directly with other high-end Nordost, Audioquest or Isotek sockets.
The first and most important is the proprietary noise filtering technology of iFi Active Noise Canceling 2 (ANC 2) which helps to interrupt the noise signals in the power source by providing frequency in reverse with the disturbed frequency and still keeping Get dynamic, dynamic sound.

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In addition, iFi Power Station is also capable of providing intelligent grounding for your system if needed, but it is still not guaranteed to have a ground loop. This makes the audio background on high-end systems much quieter and quieter, as well as greatly improving ground / earth sensitive devices such as digital devices such as CDP, DAC or disc wheels. charcoal.

It also has the ability to resist over-voltage, voltage surge protection to protect your audio devices from power failures or lightning strikes.

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iFi Power Station uses AC iPurifier to be able to analyze the phase of electric current and ground of your home power, to ensure the best and most suitable power quality.

  • Inside iFi Power Station also uses high-end components to ensure the best transmission.
  • A piece of monolithic copper is used to supply electricity throughout the outlet.
  • Each outlet is electrically isolated to ensure no signal interference between different devices in the same socket.
  • High-thickness OFHC Continuous Cast Copper copper wire is used to conduct the conductor inside the socket to ensure safety and transmission capability.
  • The grounding section is also optimized to be able to exit on the enclosure body.

Maximum input power up to 2500W (250V / 10A)

The specific price of iFi Power Station has not been officially announced, and will be introduced to users around the third quarter of this year. However, thanks to the tradition of iFi, users can expect a high-quality audio enhancement product with a much more affordable price than current source socket devices. .


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