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# IFA19: Sony Walkman NW-ZX507 high-end music player running Android 9.0, with Streaming, for 830 Euros

After many unofficial sources, Sony has officially introduced the high-end Walkman music player NW-ZX500 Series. The new NW-ZX507 music player will be equipped with the ability to play streaming services that support Android 9.0 and Wi-Fi, and USB-C port. The NW-ZX507 (64GB) model will be expected to cost around 830 Euros and go on sale in November 2019.

NW-ZX507 is capable of decoding DSD256 Native 11.2MHz and 32M / 384kHz PCM thanks to the Digital Amplifier S-Master HX processor group that comes with two crystal oscillator pulse counters at 44.1kHz and 48kHz to ensure digital signal processing. exactly. The product will also support complete MQA quality decoding so that users can listen to TIDAL music and MQA download files with the highest quality.

The power handling part uses Sony's FTCAP (High Polymer capacitor) and Electric Double-Layer capacitors, while the audio circuit uses Panasonic's POSCAP film capacitors and capacitors that have a much higher capacitance threshold than the ZX300. . The small details are also very focused even using gold-phase solder solder.

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Similar to its predecessor, the NW-ZX300, the NW-ZX507 is still equipped with a balanced headphone output port of 4.4.mm and a single-ended 3.5mm port.

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Build quality is also premium, with the frame housing made of solid aluminum and copper blocks inside to ensure isolation and absorb vibration of components.

HD touch screen size 3.6 inches. Seamless control buttons similar to the NW-WM1A / 1Z and NW-ZX300 series.

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With Android and Wi-Fi you can access millions of very simple songs with online music streaming services and music download applications directly on the Walkman. Or simply the traditional way of copying music directly through a memory card or PC plug. The NW-ZX507 has 64GB of internal memory along with Micro SD memory support

The product will support Sony Original Music Player (W. Music) music software to customize the best sound quality with a familiar UI and the Dynamic Normalizer, EQ, Vinyl Processor similar to ZX300.

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One very important thing is that the charging port and data port of the NW-ZX507 has been officially changed to USB Type-C port instead of the hard-to-find proprietary WMPort port like before.
Battery lasts up to 20 hours continuously.

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