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# IFA19: adidas introduces a pair of wireless headsets for the sport

Sport brand adidas has introduced two new models of wireless headsets aimed at athletes and regular athletes. The FWD-01 in-ear model is expected to cost $ 149 and the over-ear RPT-01 model is expected to cost $ 169.

The two newly introduced headphones are the result of a partnership between adidas and audio technology company Zound Industries. Zound Industries is also behind the success of Urbanears and Marshall headsets.
adidas introduces the design and sound quality of the two wireless headsets that are both for athletes who can use every day from the beginning of the start, intense exercise and rest at work. The focus of these two products is the ability to maneuver, move convenience and durability, long-term usability.

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The first FWD-01 wireless in-ear headset has up to 16 hours of battery life and the ability to charge music quickly via USB-C. This gives users the freedom to practice daily and even run a marathon

In terms of design, these headphones are made with comfort on the top with interchangeable ear tips and ear-wing to attach to the ear. The cord is covered with a firm knit layer to prevent tangles and increase the durability of the headphone cord. There is also a remote control on the wire for listening and calling, as well as a built-in microphone cleverly wrapped in the shell.

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On the housing of the headset is a magnet to attach the two sides together to prevent falling and sliding when not in use. IPX4 waterproof standard helps the product can be used in intense training sessions
The product will be officially sold from September 25 for $ 149, a relatively expensive price for a regular sports wireless headset.

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The RPT-01 over-ear headset is also designed to ensure movement comfort and IPX4 water resistance so that users can use the headphones to practice.
The earpad and headband use a removable and washable knit material to avoid stinking after training.

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The weight of this model is also quite light, with a battery life of up to 40 hours of continuous use. USB-C port supports fast charging.
The adidas RPT-01 wireless over-ear headset will be on sale officially from September 25 for $ 169. The headphone model is introduced into a very special segment and few competitors because it is very rare for users to use over-ear ears to practice sports.

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