If you don't want Google to hold personal information, do so right away

If you don’t want Google to hold personal information, do so right away

1. Search history

When users perform a search on Google, all results and history are saved to Google’s servers. Even if you delete the search history, the information is still transferred and saved to the server. It is best if you use incognito mode on the Chrome browser. Doing this will somewhat limit Google from storing your search information.

In addition, you can also completely turn off this activity tracking by installing Google “Activity Controls” Tabs on your website. Select the types of history you don’t want to share and turn them off.

2. Google knows all the places you’ve been to

In addition to saving search history, Google also stores information when users use the Google Maps service. For this service to work more accurately, Google will store some essential personal information, such as home and work addresses. This makes Google Maps convenient to navigate and of course, that information is out of the user’s control. Google even tracks your frequent commute activities, including how long you drive, walk, shops, restaurants and you frequent.

To turn off tracking, go to your personal Google Timeline, then choose to manage location and turn it off.

3. Use your information for advertising

Based on the information of your search habits, Google captures that information and uses it for business advertising. This happens similar to the social networking application Facebook. To limit this situation, you visit the website and customize the topics you like or dislike. This job can somewhat limit the ads that are annoying for you.

First go to Ads Settings. Then you can choose and limit the ads or turn off the ad personalization.

4. acquaintances and contact numbers

If you use an Android phone, it’s obvious that your personal information is exposed. Because this operating system is developed by Google, so Google holds your information is not too confusing.

So who you call, who calls you, time, place … are all stored by Google. Even phone contacts, frequently called numbers, apps you download to smartphones are also held by Google.

5. Know all the devices you are using

Which device do you use to log into your Google account, Google knows all. If you do not believe, go to Security -> Your devices, here will display all devices you have logged into your Google account with. If you want to remove some of the devices you no longer use, select the device name and then click Remove.


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