If you have purchased a Huawei / Honor phone, don't be too worried and affected by the loss of information - Photo 1.

If you bought a Huawei / Honor phone, don't be too worried and affected by the loss of information

The US government is taking sanctions against Chinese technology corporation Huawei and considers it a threat to national security. Thereby, the US Department of Commerce requires corporations and companies of this country to stop all cooperation, transaction and sales activities for Huawei.

As an American company, Google is also obliged to follow the government's directive, resulting in the Android boss having stopped licensing Huawei to the operating system. This leads to Huawei's future smartphones no longer being able to integrate Play Store and Google services like Gmail, Youtube, Maps … until the punishment is removed.

This information immediately created negative sentiment among users about Huawei smartphones. Many people believe that Huawei phones will become "bricks" because they cannot use Google services. Some others took the opportunity to squeeze Huawei phone prices, for example, just a few hundred thousand or a few million for a few tens of millions of machines like the P30 Pro.

There are people who are paying for a few million, or even a few hundred thousand dong, for a new super debut like Huawei P30 Pro.

For those who are intending to own Huawei phones, it is obviously not a good time to "get down". As for those who are using the phone of this company, they must be very confused. So, what should Huawei phone users pay attention to?

Note: This article applies to all Huawei brand products, Honor.

Huawei phones today will not turn into "bricks"

Many people think that the Huawei phones on the market today will not be able to use Google services anymore after this event, making them like "bricks". This is completely wrong.

All Huawei phones that are already on the market now are licensed by Google before the ban, so they can use Google services completely normally. Users can freely log out of the account, reset the device or update the software without losing access to Google.

If you have purchased an Huawei / Honor phone, don't be too worried and affected by the loss of information - Photo 2.

Google applications will still function normally on current Huawei devices.

Up to now, the only Huawei device in danger of not using Google services is the Honor 20 Pro. According to information from the French technology news site 01net, this machine has not yet got an Android certificate from Google and is delayed on sale.

Huawei phones will not be updated Android anymore?

In the information spread over the past time, unfortunately to say that this is the correct thing. Being disapproved by Google means that Huawei will not be able to update the Android version for its smartphone.

However, Huawei has pledged to continue to update features and fix EMUI bugs. EMUI is a separate interface developed by Huawei and most of the features that users use come from here. Huawei can completely update EMUI without updating the Android version, similar to the way Xiaomi is currently doing with MIUI.

In addition, there is a very important detail to note. The US Department of Commerce recently imposed penalties and allowed Huawei to buy US technology and components to update software for users' current devices, from now until August 19. This means that if your smartphone is in Huawei's Android 9 Pie update list but has not received updates yet, it is likely that it will be updated from now until mid-August.

If you bought a Huawei / Honor phone, don't be too worried and affected by the loss of information - Photo 3.

If your smartphone is included in Huawei's Android Pie update list but has not been updated, it is likely that your smartphone will be "up to date" in the next 3 months.

For Huawei's newly launched devices like the P30 series or Mate 20 series, since it already runs Android Pie, so at the time of display the user will still experience the latest features from Google.

So what about Android Q? Currently Android Q is still in beta stage, and if based on last year's Android P launch schedule, it must be until 8/2019, then Google will launch Android Q officially. After that, manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei now conduct "cooking" their own interface based on the new Android, and this process takes a few more months. For example, the P20 Pro is the first smartphone to be updated by Huawei Android Pie, but this update must also begin in December 2018, four months behind the time Google launched.

That is, even if there is no recent embargo, P30 users and Huawei smartphones will have to wait at least until the end of this year or early next year to receive the Android Q. update. And from now on It does not exclude the possibility that Huawei will be able to reach an agreement with Washington, continue Huawei's trading relationship with US companies.

In the worst case scenario, don't forget that Huawei still has full rights to use Google's open source Android version (AOSP). In theory, Huawei can completely update Android after Google announced the source code of the new version. But, this is only a reluctant solution.

Is the value of Huawei phone so frugal?

Despite those who are trying to "price" Huawei phones, the truth is that the value of these devices is not "pathetic" as many people think.

Take the Huawei P30 Pro, for example. Currently in large retail systems, this machine is still sold for more than 20 million VND. In the old machine market, the P30 Pro still fluctuates around VND 15-16 million.

If you have purchased an Huawei / Honor phone, don't be too worried and affected by the loss of information - Photo 4.

On online phone shopping sites, the price of Huawei P30 Pro is still at VND 15-16 million.

As mentioned above, existing Huawei phones will still be able to use Google services normally. Therefore, no store or user will sell Huawei phones at cheap prices.

And in our opinion, the price of a phone is not determined by whether or not it has Google service, but rather how it is and how valuable it is to the user. . With the configuration, design and features worthy of other high-end smartphones, Huawei has no reason to sell cheap products like the P30 Pro.

Owning a Huawei phone, what should you do?

According to us, you … should not do anything.

Many people using Huawei phones think they have to sell the device they are using immediately, otherwise their price will quickly "hit the bottom" in front of a series of negative news over the past time.

We think the opposite – when we think this is the worst time to sell Huawei phones. Sellers who are anxious, want to sell fast, plus buyers tend to "sell prices" will cause sellers to accept to sell cheaply and suffer a lot of losses. The seller will then have to make up for the money to buy a phone from the brand. Meanwhile, they can absolutely keep their Huawei device, using completely normal Google services, and the money stays in the pocket.

If you have purchased a Huawei / Honor phone, don't be too worried and affected by the loss of information - Photo 5.

If your Huawei phone is still in normal use, it's best to continue using it.

In summary, selling off Huawei phones is not the smartest way to go at this time, at least financially. Please continue to use your Huawei phone if it is still meeting your needs.

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