"If You Are the One", the guy was tragically turned off the lights, but was taken by the rich lady in the audience: take me to cover you
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“If You Are the One”, the guy was tragically turned off the lights, but was taken by the rich lady in the audience: take me to cover you

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There are many examples of marrying wealthy people in the entertainment circle, and there are many good-looking actresses. In Hong Kong in the 1970s and 1980s, many popular Hong Kong stars emerged. They are Guan Zhilin, Li Jiaxin, Wang Zuxian, Maggie Cheung and so on.

And from them, we are not only the prosperous figure in the entertainment industry, but also the looming shadow of the rich.

Li Jiaxin is a generation of goddess, and anyone who has seen her looks amazing. She wanted to marry a rich family, and even said “non-rich family will not marry”. Rosamund Kwan has been around the rich all year round, but in the end there was no result.

Girls who choose to marry into a wealthy family are in fact no wonder. After all, if possible, many girls would choose this way. This was originally a very realistic point, sitting and enjoying it is much more comfortable than working hard.

Although people say that the rich are deep in water, they still cannot stop people’s yearning for the rich.

As in “If You Are the One”, a female guest once said this sentence:

“I would rather sit on a BMW and cry than laugh on a bicycle.”

It is not difficult to understand why so many people are still reluctant to leave the wealthy even if they are unhappy in the wealthy.

The show “If You Are the One” has been held for some years. Although there are many controversies, it is still loved by many audiences.

In one episode of the program, such a surprising thing happened, that a rich woman fell in love with an ordinary guy.

This guy is the first time to appear on “If You Are the One”. He is relatively young, gentle in appearance and ordinary family.

For many female guests, this is simply not acceptable. Because he is not particularly handsome in appearance and has such an ordinary background, the whole person is too ordinary to be ordinary.

It is conceivable that the guy suffered a light out. On that stage, no female guest was willing to choose him. In fact, this is not surprising, human nature is like this.

However, what people did not expect was that a rich woman in the audience fell in love with him: take me to cover you with food and accommodation.

This rich woman is also a little old. However, it is well maintained and looks quite young. She doesn’t need the guy to know anything, just talk to her and she can give him everything. She doesn’t need him to make money, whether it is eating or drinking, she guarantees.

As soon as this remark came out, the whole stage was shocked. At the moment when the young man was turned off by the female guests, many people felt that he was out of play, and the young man might feel that he was finished. But I didn’t expect it to happen again.

The subsequent results can be imagined, of course the guy chose her. The two really succeeded in holding hands. Many people think that this guy is too lucky. I believe that many people envy this guy.

Many people may not understand what it means for a rich woman to choose such an ordinary guy. But after all, the rich woman is a rich woman. She doesn’t use her money like other girls, because she already has it, and she has no shortage of material needs.

Perhaps more is, in order to be able to find someone to accompany you, to seek psychological comfort.


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