If you are feeling depressed, apply the following 3 things to regain your spirit
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If you are feeling depressed, apply the following 3 things to regain your spirit

There are days when we feel so bad, life is boring, depressed, can not do anything right, goals set are not completed, work is delayed because of being lazy, bored with not wanting to do anything. this.

The goal is to set the whole list, when planning is fun, the execution time is not as expected.

If you are feeling depressed, apply the following 3 things to regain your spirit

Most of us just know how to plan our work and do it like a body, but forget that there are many important things that need to be taken care of in order to be more productive: feeling want to work – or be motivated. So, how can you motivate yourself? Here are 3 simple steps to get motivated, you can take when you feel bored.

Step 1: Always think positively

Always think positively

In another popular book on human motivation, it says: “Procrastination often happens in people in bad moods. They think that makes them feel less down.”

So think again, when your mood is bad, your job usually never gets high results, right?

Mostly, in the army schools, in order to refine the spirit of steel for the recruits, the commanders did not ask them to duel each other, but to teach them optimism.

So how to be optimistic when you don’t feel that way.

The simplest way to stay optimistic in life is to work closely with your progress, and pay attention to small achievements to improve your mood. According to experts from Harvard University, nothing creates more motivation than you have to really close your implementation process.

Step 2: Create your own rewards

Reward yourself

All of us are happy to receive a reward and of course no one can happily receive the punishment. So combine the two to help motivate you to work.

According to studies, most of us human psychology will feel happy and excited to work when receiving something reward. So in life, every time you fulfill a certain goal, reward yourself with a small gift, in accordance with the current economic needs and conditions. And if the reward doesn’t motivate you to work either, try the opposite.

For example, you hold a bill of 100,000 VND (or another face value), give it to your best friend to keep it. Tell it that within a certain time you don’t finish the job set out, just take the money you give and go drink milk tea.

Make sure you have an “emotional” job list right away and always.

Step 3: Put pressure on your friends

Pressure your friends

Her grandparents had a saying “ten thousand less than a teacher, not equal to you a glass”, we humans often have very high self-esteem, even embarrassment when inferior to friends. So for the best working spirit you should choose to “play” with colleagues you admire to take it as an example you follow, then you will have more motivation to complete the item. Spending is bigger than ever.

When we want to change ourselves, join a group that is strong in the needs you want to change. For example, if you want to improve your English learning skills, get acquainted, make friends with a group of like-minded friends, this will motivate you to learn the best.

In an interview, Carlin Flora, author of Friendfluence, said: “If you are in a group where everyone has very high goals, you will do the same thing. seriously. “

Well, if trying yourself is a “need” condition, then the surrounding environment is the “enough” condition to lead you to success.

Have fun!


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