If the dishwasher is in the closet, this is better for a wife than for an iPhone
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If the dishwasher is in the closet, this is better for a wife than for an iPhone


  • Dishwasher built-in closet for cleaner kitchen design
  • The dishwasher makes wife’s cooking easier
  • The dishwasher is a more valuable gift for wives than the iPhone 11 Pro

I wasn’t going to talk about the dishwasher my home is using. I just want to talk to you about the existence of a device like this. Because I am not a kitchen worker, this machine was chosen by my wife. What I like best is that it is hidden behind the kitchen cabinet door, I don’t see it as well as when it works I don’t feel it is working.

Compared to the scene where I have witnessed many girls washing dishes, the clanking sounds, the sound of breaking the dishes, the grunting sounds … this is much quieter.

I will learn more about this type and share with you more. I also hope you have used and understood the machines like this to share with everyone more.

We almost do not see the existence of this dishwasher in the kitchen space. When it is inactive or inactive, it should only be displayed when opening the door, putting laundry in and taking out. For a kitchen with a small space or for those who prefer continuity, a cabinet is a good choice.


When you need to put things in to wash or take things out, you can open the door completely parallel to the floor and comfortably take out or put in.


After you put in the stuff, you will press the wash mode, then close the door, the machine will automatically operate, when it is finished it will headline and tell you to take out the item. However, the habit of spending money on washing things, so tomorrow when needed, take them out.

This machine uses a special all-in-one cleaning soap. Each time you use a lump into it is finished. It contains many different chemicals to wash and fit the machine.

There are many compartments for bowls, bowls, plates, pots, chopsticks, spoons … Almost suitable for all needs.

The faucet is sprayed on the bottom, so when you put things in to wash, you should face down and not up.


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