If a motorbike has a “car for number” sign on it, it will be fined

If you ask for the license plate service, you need to wait 2-3 days to make the documents quite inconvenient, so you usually attach the number plate to circulate, so is it illegal.

For a long time on the road, you may encounter motorbikes with license plates, or rumors spread between new vehicles that can run less than 100km without a penalty, or many problems with new vehicles without license plates or vehicle papers. However, in fact, while waiting for the issuance of vehicle documents, the license plate of the user is not allowed to operate the vehicle in traffic, except for vehicles that are temporarily registered.

Specifically, from August 1, 2020, according to Circular 58/2020 / TT-BCA, the following vehicles may be temporarily registered:

  • Vehicles that have not been registered and issued with official license plates need to join the traffic.
  • Vehicles registered overseas are permitted by competent agencies to enter Vietnam for tourism, service conferences, fairs, exhibitions, physical training and sports.
  • Vehicle for the conference organized by the Party, State, and Government.
  • The car goes through the procedures to revoke the certificate of registration, license plate number for re-export or transfer in Vietnam and the vehicle is transferred, sold, donated or donated.

So can be understood simply, from August 1, 2020, if while waiting for the registration, the official license plate for any reason (usually waiting for the beautiful license plate), you cannot participate in circulation. If there is a need to join traffic, it is necessary to go to the nearest vehicle registration office for temporary vehicle registration procedures.

But vehicle registration, temporary license plate is only valid for a certain period of up to 30 days, must follow the route and scope of operation indicated in the certificate. If not, a fine of 300 to 400 thousand VND will be imposed according to Point C, Roughly 2, Article 17 Decree 100/2019 / ND – CP for the error of not attaching the license plate and the error of controlling the vehicle without vehicle registration as prescribed. with the same fine level, the total of 2 errors ranges from 600 to 800 thousand VND.

The issuance of the temporary license plate is quite simple, almost only in one session, to be specific:

Step 1: Prepare documents in accordance with the law.

  • Vehicle registration certificate.
  • For vehicles manufactured and assembled in Vietnam: a copy of the sale invoice as prescribed or the delivery note.
  • For vehicles imported, temporarily imported for re-export for a definite period or in transit: a copy of the declaration of import or export goods or the detailed declaration of import of the vehicle. For vehicles which have completed the import procedures, the procedures for registration and issuance of temporary license plates of papers are specified in Clause 1, Article 8 of this Circular.

Step 2: Apply at the nearest vehicle registration office

Step 3: Vehicle owner is issued a temporary vehicle registration certificate and a temporary license plate within the day. The temporary license plate is printed on paper.


Thus, rumors such as putting up number plates, or running near home are all illegal, and punished according to regulations. However, the authorities have yet to fix the problem, so users often have misunderstandings about this.


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