iDesign Rewind 2020: Featured Art Facts 2020 12 minutes to read

iDesign Rewind 2020: Featured Art Facts 2020 12 minutes to read

The year 2020 is approaching the end of the year and if we consider this a journey, it will surely be the most memorable trip of all of us. Join us to rewind the time wheel to see what outstanding art events have taken place in Vietnam as well as in the world in 2020!

A journey full of difficulties and challenges, feeling that this year is much longer than the 12-month milestone, Covid has made an impact on all aspects of life and the art world is no exception. We will analyze this in more depth in the next section, but now let me discover what outstanding events took place in Vietnam over the past year.


The Vietnamese art market this year is also subject to international flows and only really started around the second half of the year, before that all activities seemed to freeze. The biggest events that take place as soon as the epidemic shows signs of control are:

Art Week Boom

Taking place from July 4 to July 9 in Hue ancient capital

As the name suggests “Booming Boom”, is “Blast” brings positive signs to Vietnamese art after the pandemic Covid-19Contemporary Art Week brings together 56 artists from north to south, displaying not only works of art but also performances, film screenings, contemporary dance and art talks.

Truc Chi paper experience with artist Phan Hai Bang
Photo: thanhnien

The week’s events are held at 6 different spaces in the city, including: Hue Museum of Fine Arts, Dreaming, NEST Studio, Then Cafe, Year of the Season and Hue University of Arts.

Different from the model “Great exhibition” has appeared, when the budget for preparation is extremely expensive along with the works are carefully curated in terms of content, artists are invited to participate, not apply by themselves.

But in “Booming Boom” with the starting point being exhibitions by a small group of people who are positively responded by friends in the profession “Bulge out”. The artists call each other, apply for themselves and decide which group to display, so most of the work is available in the artist’s studio and they own the content and presentation. This is also an opportunity for other artists of the generation to exchange, exchange and share knowledge about the profession.

Hanoi Saigon Sculpture 2020

Taking place from September 18 to October 18 in Hanoi

This is the 6th exhibition and also marks the 10-year journey of the group of sculpture artists from Hanoi – Saigon. With the number of authors – the most numerous work ever with 32 famous sculptors and 63 exhibitions and exhibitions, the audience caught the eye.

Bring the look and breath of contemporary Vietnamese sculpture art, diverse in materials such as metal, wood, stone, ceramic, composite, fiberglass … to the style of expression.

The works contain the artist’s thoughts and contemplations about life: from universal issues such as freedom, time, movement, nature … to specific stories of contemporary people, childhood memories, loneliness, desires …, thereby partly reflecting the diverse and multidimensional developments of contemporary Vietnamese sculpture

Followed by two major events in November include

Vietnam Design & Creation Festival 2020

Taking place from November 6 to November 22, stretching in 3 major cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hue.

Initiated by university RMIT in 2019, this year’s event is a major breakthrough when it comes to expanding not only Hanoi but also discovering more innovations in Ho Chi Minh and Hue.

This year’s event includes a series of exhibitions by many Vietnamese and international artists, along with seminars, art seminars and outstanding competitions such as “Vietnam 2030: Vision for the Future” where young people give thoughts on questions “How people and the earth can sustainably develop in Vietnam, and what is the creative role in this process?”.

Through 7 exhibitions, 13 experiences, 17 seminars and more than 2,500 attendees, Vietnam Design & Creation Festival 2020 has left a lot of good impressions on the audience.

Immediately after that was …

Vietnam Design Week 2020

Taking place from November 15 to November 22

Organizers of Vietnam Design Week during the press meeting

With topics Regeneration, Vietnam Design Week This year is a program honoring outstanding Vietnamese products and designers in the fields of: Dining, Accommodation, Wear, Gift, Public Art.

The program includes a series of activities such as exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and demonstrations that contribute to promoting the overall development of the domestic design industry.

At the main event is a design contest “Regeneration”, the organizers want to change the mindset of using materials at the economical, sustainable and optimal level. On the evening of November 22, the awards were announced in which:

The first prize belonged to the work “Static Corner – In” by the group of Son Collective Ward (Tran Thao Mien, Nguyen Linh Chi, Trinh Linh)


Taking place from November 28 to November 15 in Hoi An

CABCON 2020 Gather more than 20 artists from many different art fields such as cinema, experimental film, video art, music, poetry, photography, visual, performance, dance, installation, fine arts, origami …

They bring more than 50 works with diverse perspectives on social, personal, social relationships between people and people with nature, thereby inspiring each other in the artistic fields. .

Photo source: mensfolio

The majority of presentation works are digitized and streamed live on the Streaming platform United We Stream, a channel that promotes online performance art with a major market share in Europe and America.



Crisis – shock Probably brief words to say about what Covid-19 caused this year. No one could have thought that such a dark scenario would happen, Covid had a profound impact on every profession, every field and the arts were not out of the crisis.

Perhaps this is the first time in the world that the number of museums and galleries has been closed on a large scale and for a long time (more than 85,000 closed), events, exhibitions. Large reschedule or postponement not yet date. Along with that is a reduction in staff because museums do not have the income to maintain pay for their staff.

The theft of paintings during the pandemic, the biggest known theft is:

Van Gogh’s painting is stolen

March 20, a picture of Vincent van Gogh The draw in 1884 was stolen from Singer Laren Museum in the Netherlands while executing the order temporarily closed due to pandemic. The picture has a title The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring, OK Singer Laren borrowed from Groninger Museum. The picture is drawn at the time Van Gogh are living with parents Nuenen, depicting the pastor’s garden, surrounded by tall stone walls and a duck pond with a marina, it is estimated to be worth more than $ 6 million.

Covid-19 has dealt a heavy blow to the art world. However, during that dark time there were still rays of light for the art community, such as:

New exhibition platforms are born

In the era of technology development, fields have also caught up with the 4.0 trend towards more new experiences. In the situation where people are pinned indoors, this is also the time when technology is most powerful.

The first virtual reality art exhibition comes into existence called Untitled, Art Online takes place in early August this year on a contemporary online art platform Artland.

Here people can buy works in real time, chat, and text directly with sellers. Thanks to that it was dubbed “Art fair of the future”

Online auctions

Because Covid-19 Therefore, the major auction houses around the world are unable to carry out the regular direct auctions, leaving finances free-flowing. The two largest auction houses in the world Christie’s and Sotheby’s forced to quickly rebuild its traditional auctions. As a result, online auctions have emerged with demand points from major cities around the world, tens of thousands of followers from afar.

Sotheby’s The prelude to this new experiment is on June 29, the online time lasted 5 hours and has been released Sotheby’s $ 363.2 million from total session. The auction is streamed online on a media platform CheddarAnother, another owned company of Patrick Drahi, Owner Sotheby’s.

Christie’s followed in July with a relay-style auction “ONE”, took place in Hong Kong, London, Paris and New York and grossed a total of $ 420 million to the auction house.

Although the auction atmosphere cannot be as exciting as the traditional way, it is also an effective way, opening up a lot of potential for the auction house to develop more in the future.

The biggest discovery of 2020

In last November, Mostafa WaziryThe general secretary of the Egyptian Antiquities Council announced that scientists had discovered more than 100 coffins found in a graveyard. Saqqara, just south of Cairo. It is worth mentioning, these coffins date back to the period Ptolemaic (664–30 BC), and still sealed intact, with statues and masks Funerary, flasks Canopic. This discovery will open up new perspectives for the study of ancient Egyptian cultural history that has always been a mystery.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Probably the next standout phrase of the year, according to the annual chart “Power 100” of the magazine ArtReview, Brother, Black Lives Matter is the most influential event for art in 2020.

“It is the long-standing issues related to racism and gender equality that have strongly influenced public awareness. In the art world, the power of movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) has driven and changed rapidly at all levels: Campaigners seek to remedy historical injustices with what black contemporary artists have created, awards, galleries rushing add themed works BLM,… A movement has become a global icon, impacting and changing far-reaching contemporary culture.


A year full of difficulties and challenges is about to pass, although there are many regrets, there are still positive rays for everyone. Art is an effective spiritual medicine to help us overcome the most difficult times, the year 2021 will bring fullness to everyone.

Synthesis: Hoang

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