Identify Russian 'doomsday' weapons
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Identify doomsday weapons of Russia

US military expert Sebastien Roblin said that the fourth-generation nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, the Borei class, was indeed Russia's "doomsday weapon."

In an article in the US National Interest magazine, the expert said that, like the nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) operated by the United States, China, Britain and France, the main goal of Borei-class submarines are extremely frightening: It is destroying rival cities, or destroying other nuclear forces from the first attack.

The Borei-class attack submarine – the Knyaz Oleg (Prince Oleg), armed with 16 ballistic missiles, is expected to join the Pacific Fleet by 2020, the newspaper Izvestia reports from the Navy Chief of Staff. Russia said.

Roblin said the Borei-class submarines are the most advanced nuclear-powered ballistic submarines of the Russian Navy, designed to replace seven Delta-class submarines of the Soviet era.

According to the expert, each R-30 Bulava rocket on Borei-class submarines usually carries six 150-kiloton nuclear warheads, which can be split to hit different targets. Thus, a Borei-class submarine can fire 72 nuclear warheads (with a destructive power 10 times the atomic bomb that the United States dropped on Hiroshima), down to cities and military bases 9,300km away from it. .

"The bullet path of an Bulava rocket is abnormally low, making it very difficult to intercept. In addition, this missile can be launched when the Borei-class submarines are moving," said Roblin.

He also paid special attention to the 170-meter-long hull covered with soundproofing rubber, which kept the Borei-class submarine undetected until it launched its frightening fire. "In short, Borei-class submarines are designed with a higher stealth standard than Soviet-designed ones and have a better ability to avoid enemies."

According to the military expert, the submarine's jet-driven motion system also made it sound silent when traveling at the highest speed underwater.

Roblin also said that there were three Borei-class submarines in operation. It was the Yuri Dolgoruky operating in the Northern Fleet, the Alexander Nevsky and the Vladimir Monomakh of the Pacific Fleet.

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