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Ice cold hands do not melt Ice Cube: clean, used many times, keep the drink

These days the weather is really hot and hot, my brother, I have to go to a convenience store to sell a lot of Japanese goods and see here there is a cold stone that doesn't melt Ice Cube. Once I remember having a friend who traveled to Japan to buy this kind of stone and was curious, so I bought it to try it and see how the price here is quite cheap, only 30 thousand, there are 10 stones with 2 colors white and dark blue. Last time, I also made a hand on permanent stone made of stainless steel, this time continued curiosity and aimed to serve the habit of drinking my favorite drinks without losing flavor. The drink with the coolness from the stone see how the following brothers and sisters try it out:

It is made similar to ordinary ice cubes, but the difference is that these stones never melt and can be reused long term. The advantage of this Ice Cube is that it does not detract from the taste of drinks, does not close the refrigerator snow, clean and easy-to-clean materials.

This Ice Cube stone is surrounded by PE plastic, inside is distilled water

Each tablet is designed in a compact square shape, with 2 beautiful white and green colors. Each pellet is covered with PE plastic composite, inside is distilled water. The cooling time of each stone can be quickly cooled to about 10 degrees Celsius within 3 minutes, each cooling process is about 2-4 hours.
I put frozen ice in drinks that need to cool for a strange feeling and look at the drink that looks better.Advantages:
– Clean
– Easy to clean after use
– Do not lose the taste of drinks
– Cheap, fresh colors

– Slow down the cooling temperature
– Feeling unstable like stainless steel permanent stone
– The finish is not good.

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Conclude: After the trial and comparison between the traditional ice and the non-melting Ice Cube for my drink is Mirinda soft drink, Ice Ice gives me a sense of the right taste when using this ice. As for traditional ice, the temperature of the beverage is faster, but it has softened the true taste of the drink.


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