IBM: 120 million workers will have to retrain due to the arrival of AI - VnReview

IBM: 120 million workers will have to retrain due to the arrival of AI – VnReview

However, many CEOs of companies have responded to IBM that they do not have the resources to "narrow the gaps in skills and skills of workers" created by technological advances.

The applications of artificial intelligence are ready to be applied in production. According to a study published on Friday by the IBM Business Value Institute (IBV), in the next 3 years, there will be about 120 million employees from the 12 largest economies in the world. need to be retrained due to advances in artificial intelligence and intelligent automation. However, nearly half of the CEOs surveyed by IBM said their company didn't have the resources to do this.

"Organizations are facing increasing concerns about the skills of workers and the labor market is shrinking, affecting the development potential of the company in particular and the economy in the world in general,"quoted Amy Wright, managing partner of IBM Talent & Transformation, IBM."While corporate executives recognize this risk, half of them (interviewees) admit that they do not have any strategies for developing skills and skills. for workers to cope with this risk."

Concerns about advances in artificial intelligence (AI) developments will negatively impact labor markets and employment is not new. CEO Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk last month, also said that AI would make many job positions "meaningless". A report published earlier this year said robots could replace a quarter of US jobs by 2030.

IBM said that companies need to find ways to narrow the level of skills and skills of workers in the "era of AI", but also admitted this is not easy. Studies conducted globally indicate that the time required to retrain workers' skills has increased 10-fold in the past 4 years. This is because more and more new skills need to be trained for workers, while previously trained skills quickly become obsolete after a few years.

According to IBM, there is a way companies can solve this problem: using AI to find out what skills the workers in the business have mastered, and to share information. That information to the workers themselves to promote the "continuous learning" culture.

IBM also says its research draws on data from many IBV Institute research initiatives, including surveys of thousands of business executives worldwide and data on the performance of hundreds of companies. ty in the world.

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