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I thought, but the Galaxy S10 5G has sales that surpass Samsung's expectations

The interest of users for the highest-end Galaxy S10 5G has been beyond the expectations of Samsung.

According to Dr. Junehee Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy Team of Samsung, the company is witnessing positive feedback from users for its first 5G smartphone, Galaxy S10. 5G, as of now, sales of this device have exceeded Samsung's expectations.

However, Samsung does not provide specific information on sales of the Galaxy S10 5G. The company only said that the company has sold out the available Galaxy S10 5G and this indicates that consumer demand for this device has increased in many different markets.

Besides the 5G support version, the Galaxy S10 trio basically also has a strong growth in orders. Strong sales of the Galaxy S10 trio boosted Samsung's first-quarter revenue, while increasing mobile revenue significantly compared to the same period last year.

Sforum - Latest technology information page dims-4 Imagine, but Galaxy S10 5G has sales exceeding expectations of Samsung

According to a report from Counterpoint Research, a company specializing in market research, the total number of Galaxy S10 sold by Samsung in the first week of sales in the US is up to 16% higher than the Galaxy S9 duo last year. In addition, reports in China reported that the company also shipped more than 180,000 Galaxy S10s on the first day of sales, up about 20% from last year's Galaxy S9 and helped Samsung regain some market share. lost to Chinese manufacturers.

The Galaxy S10 5G is the most advanced version of the Galaxy S10-series series launched by Samsung in late February. Besides the ability to support the most advanced 5G network technology, the device is also adding 3D sensors on the back, which helps to improve the quality of photos remarkably. In addition, the device also has a larger battery capacity, the Infinity-O 6.7 inch screen is larger and supports the default 25W fast charging technology (Galaxy S10 is usually 15W).

Sforum - Latest technology information page Galaxy-S10-and-S10-design-and-hardware Imagine it, but Galaxy S10 5G has sales exceeding expectations of Samsung.

At the moment, the US market is not having too many choices about new devices supporting 5G network. With Huawei being listed as an embargo on the US government, it is understandable that Galaxy S10 5G becomes a worthwhile device.

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