I started a travel planner / Paris Day3

I started a travel planner / Paris Day3

Hello Lulu is..Today, in the 11th wardAtelier des LumièresFrom. Get off at Metro No. 3 Rue Saint-Maur. Pre-purchase tickets online.

Jakuchu’s octopus!

Atelier de Lumiere is a digital art museum that opened in 2018. Using the site of a foundry built in the 19th century, you can experience being swallowed by the waves of sound and images that fill the space.

The music is “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”! It reminds me of the intense last cut of the movie “Merry Christmas, Mr. Battlefield”.

URL: www.youtube.com

The theme changes about every year, and when it opens in 2018, it will be “Gustav Klimt” and “Hundertwasser”, 2019 “Van Gogh, Japan’s Dream”, 2020 “Monet, Renoir … Chagall Mediterranean Trip” “Eve Klein, forever blue”,

And in 2021, “Dali, Gaudi”! I want to go!

URL: www.youtube.com

URL: www.youtube.com

Head to the “Cabinet of Curiosities in Paris” with the afterglow of images and sounds. You can get off at Gare d’Austerlitz on the metro, but it’s a bit rough around here so you can use Uber.Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy Exhibition Hall (La Galerie de Paléontologie et d’Anatomie comparée)What.

A museum where the bones of all kinds of vertebrates approach with overwhelming power. A beautiful place in Paris where you can stay for hours.

It’s just bones, but I feel it. It’s like the spirit, the movement when the meat is attached, or the afterimage.

Grande Galerie de l’Evolution.. Its predecessor is the Zoological Collection Gallery, built in 1898 by Jules Andre. It was damaged during World War II and was temporarily closed, but after renovation in 1994, Paul Chemetov and others have made it a dynamic experience of the evolutionary process and biodiversity. ..

On the 2nd floor, familiar animals and endangered species are displayed, and on the 3rd floor, insects and crustaceans are displayed. Anyway, I can feel the love on the display and it is wonderfully beautiful.

You can also meet Dodo.

A rare donkey that lives only in a certain area of ​​France. I call it chewy and love it.

A space in front of Tokyo Station that looks like these are condensed tightlyIntermediatheque.. A treasure trove of natural history that fascinates the vast heritage of the past as an academic cultural property accumulated by the University of Tokyo with sophisticated editing. (Article “Let’s go to see the” Cabinet of Curiosities “in front of Tokyo Station! Intermediatheque (University Museum, The University of Tokyo + Japan Post) ② / Part 1”)

Space / Exhibition Design Ⓒ UMUT works (photographed with permission)

Now, when you’re full of joy, let’s take a break with delicious food.Mariage Frères FRÈRES)so. There are several mariages in Paris, but I wonder if I like the Male main store, which I visited for the first time 30 years ago.

Coupled with the beauty of the package, you can easily stretch your hands.

AndDammann Frères (DAMMANN FRÈRES).. Dammann Frères began in 1692 when Louis XIV granted exclusive rights to sell black tea in France. In 1925, the Dammann brothers, who love black tea, launched the Dammann Frères company, which specializes in black tea, and the tea culture flourished.

The recipes developed by Tea Blender are recorded in Dammann Frères’ unique Taste Library, making it possible to provide consistent taste and quality.

The solid, high-quality tea leaves are tasty and delicious. The tester who can try the scent is also wonderful.

URL: www.youtube.com

I walked a lot today. Please rest slowly at night.


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