I started a travel planner / Paris Day2

I started a travel planner / Paris Day2

Hello Lulu is.. Please bring an eco-bag as you will be shopping on the 3rd day.

Well, of MontparnasseCartier Foundation for Contemporary Art (Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain)It starts from. Get off the metro at Raspail.

Founded by Cartier in 1984, the Foundation for Contemporary Art has provided a venue for many artists to present through exhibitions and custom-made works from the Foundation. It was also here that I was the first to introduce the world of Takashi Murakami and Issey Miyake.

The building with a beautifully lit aluminum frame and glass façade was designed by Jean Nouvel.

At this time, an exhibition focusing on the wisdom and beauty of trees was held.

After seeing the exhibition, near Saint SulpiceCire Trudon(CIRE TRUDON)To buy a candle. If you like walking, go through the Luxembourg Gardens and enjoy a pleasant walk with the Pantheon on your right.

If you can’t walk more than 2km, please take the metro and get off at ODEON. Well even with Uber.

CIRE TRUDON loved by Louis XIV, the world’s oldest wax product maker founded in 1643. I like the space where the colorful candles that stand out in the dimly lit store are impressive, and I just stay longer. A good quality candle with 100% plant-derived ingredients and no alcohol or harmful substances.

URL: www.youtube.com

If you buy a candle, head to Saint-Germain-des-Prés.Les Deux MagotsLet’s have lunch. Deux Magots was a gathering place for the intellect and talent of the times, such as Picasso, Hemingway and Sartre.

As the name “Two Chinese Dolls” suggests, two Chinese dolls made of pottery are displayed inside the store. This is because it was a Chinese silk shop before the cafe was founded in 1884. Since I first came when I was a student, when I walked in De Pre, I stopped by to see “Two Mago”.

When you’re full, head for the Seine.Pass by the Bozar (National School of Fine Arts)BulyWhat.

In 1803, the perfumer Bury founded the cosmetics brand “Bury” in Paris. “Officine Universel Bury” has been revived by the publisher of beauty magazine “CORPUS”, Victor de Tyrac, and art director Ramdane Touhami.

Bury, which uses only natural materials that are useful for the skin, is very comfortable to be with, coupled with a beautiful package.

The Daikanyama store is divided from cabinets to counters and floors. At the opening of Daikanyama in 2017, Victoire and VOGUE JAPAN Editor-in-Chief Watanabe were the models. (Article “Buly Bury opens, which condenses French beauty philosophy and aesthetics”)

I can see Seine.Dorisis. Clothes packed tightly up to the second floor. It’s a mysterious and relaxing space, like a vintage shop or someone’s house. Men are lined up across the road.

Follow the Seine towards Orsay. Turn left on Rue du Bac to the well-established specimen and taxidermy shop DEYROLLE. This is my favorite space. (Article “Beautiful Specimen Shop in Paris DEYROLLE / Cabinet of Curiosities in Paris ② ~ Paris Travel Report ⑶”)

(Photographing is prohibited inside the store. Photographs are taken with permission in advance.)

Walking along Boulevard RaspailHermes Sèvres storeWhat. The Sèvres store is the only store in the world that has a permanent “Pet it h”. All the photos are under renovation …

“Pet it h” was born when the 6th Pascal Musard felt that the remaining leather after cutting out the bag was “unreasonable”.

As an old show jumper, it was a fun time to wonder which color to use.

The interior of the renovated pool has a high ceiling and good lighting.

If you use energy in Hermes,PoilâneLet’s replenish with. A long-established bakery founded in 1932. Natural yeast, Guérande salt, and bread baked in a wood-fired kiln are really delicious. Cookies are also delicious, so be sure to stop by before leaving Japan. I’ve been a fan since I visited here when I was a student.

You can also enjoy tartine (open sandwich) using Poirane bread.

Sevres BabylonLe Bon MarchéWhat. My favorite department store because I can see the products comfortably.

Adjacent grocery store,La Grande Epicerie de ParisSo, Boldier butter. Butter made from pasteurized milk and traditionally hand-kneaded is rich in flavor and rich. I’m happy because there are so many kinds here.

I often buy lemons, citrons, onions, and seaweed. Seaweed is delicious when used for steaming clams.

Boldier is famous for butter, but yogurt is also delicious, so be sure to check it out.

La Grande Epicerie Paris is convenient because it has “Paris foods” that look good as souvenirs, such as beautifully packaged cookies and tea. It was Day 2 for a walk on the left bank.


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