I like to use Camera Tele or Zoom 2X on my phone to take photos, but what about you guys?

I like to use Camera Tele or Zoom 2X on my phone to take photos, but what about you guys?

You can easily see the trend of this year's photography phone is about the Camera Tele. Finding a design solution to place the lens in the structure of a "submarine periscope telescope" has somewhat opened the race for the use of a telephoto lens, capable of superzoom. For example, Oppo Reno 10X with 6X optical zoom telephoto lens (maximum electronic zoom 60X), or Huawei P30 Pro with 5X optical zoom telephoto lens (electronic zoom up to 50X) .. also most phones currently Now has 2X zoom to take pictures.

Specifically with a telephoto lens, I have more options for the frame when taking photos. It is possible to exploit the visual effects that telephoto focal lengths provide, or simply sit back and zoom up to capture objects at a distance. Telephoto lenses combined with ultra-wide angle lens form the "3 camera cluster" that phone companies keep talking about, they help me go out, take travel photos. Anyone who has used a camera will probably understand the importance of focal length: D.

Photo moments-camera.tinhte.vn00074.jpg

Shot with 10X zoom on Huawei P30 Pro (Focal Length In 35mm Film: ~ 270mm)


Oppo Reno 10X, Bao @ Non @ me took a photo of Rock & Share night from the stage.

Despite that, there are people who like, some don't like to take pictures with the telephoto camera on this phone, this is of course. Even when using the camera to take photos, not everyone likes to take photos with a telephoto focal length. There are many reasons given such as …

  • Prefer to take a wider angle shot because of the feeling of closeness, vibrancy ..
  • Tele photography is easy to shake, but weak hands are constantly shaky and unable to capture ..
  • Tele image on the phone is not good quality, so do not take ..
  • What you need to shoot with a telephoto camera, if you like, zoom in to take it with the main camera.
  • Adding a telephoto camera adds a whole bunch of money, I can't stand it ..
  • Updating …

Would you like to take photos with the telephoto camera available on phones today?

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