Hypocrisy and double standards on Capitol Hill

Hypocrisy and double standards on Capitol Hill

(International Relations) – After the demonstration on Capitol Hill on January 6, scholars talked about media hypocrisy and American democracy’s double standards.

The official US media coverage of the Capitol Hill clashes on January 6, 2021 was the complete opposite of how it treats the Black Lives Matter riots (short). BLM, or “Blacks’ lives are worth it,”) last summer, US political commentators gave their explanations of the country’s media’s double-standard approach. .

The Capitol Hill protests have been pushed to a fierce level by the US media, describing the event as a “coup plot” and “rebellion”, calling the protest crowd ” extremists who support Trump “; while US President Donald Trump and the GOP (Republican Party) leadership also condemned those who infiltrated the US Congressional headquarters for being involved in robbery and violent clashes.

Faced with that situation, some experts have questioned the words chosen by the press to describe the events in DC, compared with how the media portrayed the Movement’s months-long protests. Nationwide BLM following the death of George Floyd in May 2020.

Media war: “Rebellion in favor of Trump” and “Peace protest of BLM”.

American journalist Andy Ngo wondered in his tweet: ‘Why shouldn’t the same strong language apply to the rebels who stormed, destroyed, looted and burned main buildings cover in the summer of 2020 ”; or “Why aren’t months of attempts to burn federal courts in downtown Portland called ‘uprising’?” exclaimed journalist Andy Ngo.

Derek Maltz, Executive Director of Public Safety and National Security, said the mainstream media in the United States have been very biased, which is obviously very hypocritical compared to the actions of BLM. burning down Washington DC, Seattle, Portland, Oregon and Minneapolis.

BLM broke the law every day, destroying businesses, dragging innocent business owners out of their businesses, causing fear and anxiety from legal residents. Yet, never before have so many Democrats speak up and condemned that kind of activity.

Maltz stressed that there is a big difference between the US media portrayal of the BLM blasts this summer and the Capitol Hill rally on January 6.

Construction and design on the Capitol
Protesters supported Trump on Capitol Hill on January 6

The press described BLM “as if it were a legitimate protest”, while the rebels are committing a series of crimes.

He also argued that a group of DC protesters “went over the limit” on January 6 and that shouldn’t be tolerated, but he was really sad that the media was supposed to deliver. to the public with correct information, but they have not done so.

And Megyn Kelly summarized 3 issues as follows:

* The shameful actions of a small part of the protesters caused great damage to what they considered “righteous” today (January 6).

* The hypocrisy of the media to “indignantly condemn” the Capitol Hill rally, after downplaying the violence of BLM over the summer is very clear.

* The blame for what happened, namely Donald Trump’s 4 years in office, by the media destroyed all standards and beliefs of the American people.

Riot is good for the Democrats

As Vlad Davidiuk, Republican political strategist and analyst, argued: “The crowd of agitators who stormed the capital was just a very small minority of the large number of Americans who came to protest,” so The media’s calling the entire day of the peaceful protest “a rebellion or a violent inciting” is a betrayal of the American promise of freedom and freedom.

Davidiuk emphasized that hundreds of thousands of Americans from all over the country, including young, old, black, white, Jews, Christians, Muslims … gathered in DC on January 6.

According to Mr. Davidiuk, the protest was only aimed at “requiring accountability and transparency in the electoral process”, but it was “the failure of the leadership and law enforcement to maintain. control led to chaos on the Capitol.

Construction and design on the Capitol
Fire fires during BLM protests illuminate the US capital

The Republican strategist said that the label of peaceful protests was an act of riot, while “no businesses were looted, no churches burned and no police stationed. not only undermine reality, but also slander the patriotic Americans who are marching in an attempt to turn their concerns to Congress.

In contrast, the summer riots accompanied by “arson, looting, and murder of innocent people and police officers” are referred to by the mainstream media as “peaceful protests” – Davidiuk – Davidiuk specify.

Most experts agree with this, he said, adding that Democrats see riots as beneficial to their political agenda, describing America as “chaotic and out of control.” “Under Trump after the election.

The American people are not fully on the side of BLM and Antifa, the scholar said, and most Americans oppose how these groups cause violence and social turmoil in the country.

In September 2020, national polls showed that U.S. public approval of the BLM movement has decreased significantly compared to June.

A social poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs found that only 39% still approve of the BLM movement and that 44% of Americans disapprove of the BLM protests, a sharp decrease compared to 54% in June 2020.

Why do they add oil to the fire?

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden considers the intruders of the Capitol Hill Parliament building as “domestic terrorists” while giving a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, on January 6.

“Don’t dare to call them protesters. They are a rioting crowd. The trendists. Domestic terrorists… ”Mr. Bidern said and pledged that after coming to power, he would pass the domestic anti-terrorism law.

Construction and design on the Capitol
A Trump protester walks past the Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, Jan. 8, 2021

After accusing President Donald Trump of what he called “violent inciting”, Joe Biden also lashed out at the Capitol police, claiming that “if it was a demonstration of the Black Lives Matter” they will be treated “very differently from the thugs who stormed the Capitol”.

Biden’s BLM comments have surprised some. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, criticized the newly-elected president for “playing a gamble” by supporting the violent BLM group and against the police.

For her part, former Fox News host, Megyn Kelly, accused Biden of “dangerously attacking the police on allegations of unfounded racism”.

Newly-elected Vice President Kamala Harris also repeated Biden’s criticism of the police, arguing that they were not tough enough on the Capitol Hill intruders, while “tearing down on protesters. dovish last summer “.

“We have seen two systems of justice, one that allows extremists to storm the entire US House of Representatives and another that tear gas on peaceful protesters in the summer. Last year … We knew this was unacceptable, “said Kamala Harris.

However, Julio Rosas, a journalist for Townhall and also a veteran, called Harris a liar for making a “false” statement.

“As someone who reported a lot of the riots last year, I would say this story is simply false. Pepper gas, tear gas bullets, pepper spray and a stun grenade were all in use yesterday [ngày 6 tháng 1], just like they were used for rioters in 2020, “Julio Rosas wrote on her Twitter while listening to the speech of Ms. Kamala Harris.

American lawyer, author and radio personality Mark Levin commented on the relatively light-hearted words used by Kamala Harris against BLM protesters and argued that the protests were extended. in the purpose of taking down Trump of the Democratic Party.

In particular, Ms. Kamala Harris said in The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (The Late Show With Stephen Colbert) on June 18, 2020 that the anti-racist protests will not end. end until Election Day. “They will not give up and they should not give up that determination” – the future vice president of America said.

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