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Hyperdimension Neptunia – VVVTunia changes title and arrives in Europe

We especially know the series of Compile Heart Neptunia Hyperdimension for his trilogy devoted to the Console Wars tearing apart the world of Gamindustri, rather funny J-RPGs full of winks and abyss. Last year, it was with Super Neptunia RPG, a 2D RPG, Dragon’s Crown style, that Neptune, White, Green and Black the heroines of the license stood out. Always very meta, it was about fighting the forces of 2D trying to eliminate 3D from video games. WTF, said the youngster. And indeed, it is a bit the creed of the series!

We were talking about it in these columns a few weeks ago, Japan is about to plunge back into the world of Hyperdimension Neptunia with VVVTunia. Still clinging to its concept of winks and other references, the game tells this time how an evil force attacks the Content Creators (yes, yes!) Of the planet EMO, emptying it of its vital force: contents.

Nep-Nep and its Goddess friends are called to the rescue, alongside various virtual YouTuber girls from planet Earth. The opportunity to stage “real” virtual idols, the VTubers, very popular in Japan.

The game will then be a mixture of action, with elements of TPS and hack’n slash, and rhythm game to the sound of songs performed by guest VTubers. Bad news for the Japanese, the game has been delayed and its release date has been postponed by a month to early August. But good news for us western fanboys, the game has been announced for release in Europe, and will take the title of Neptunia Virtual Stars.

We expect it on PlayStation 4 somewhere in 2021.

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