Hybrid Ray Tracing – AMD "chases" technology inventions

Hybrid Ray Tracing – AMD "chewed" technology inventions

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Recently, AMD suddenly filed a patent application for the rendering method Hybrid Ray Tracing"Challenge" the construction methods depending on current hardware of NVIDIA and Microsoft

Hybrid Ray Tracing – Since the RTX graphics cards using Turing architecture have been released by NVIDIA in late 2018, users and gamers have heard more with Ray Tracing technology with strong support. Powerful from hardware, giving users more beautiful, more realistic and vivid frames than traditional rendering methods.

But the surprising thing is that the "red team" did not react much, even though soon after they launched the Radeon VII version and most recently the AMD Navi RX 5700 series graphics cards were not mentioned Ability to support processing technology Ray Tracing hardware.

But unexpectedly after the launch of the graphics card AMD Navi use architecture RDNA soon, AMD "revealed" that it has filed a patent for technology patents Hybrid Ray Tracing for the Office of Brand Protection and US Patents since December 2017, provides a solution to build a mixture of hardware and software to support Ray Tracing technology without the need for separate hardware.

In it, this technology allows programmers to use software models to render effects Ray Tracing through common data processing personnel with splitting ray packets (Ray Data) and take advantage of the high speed of caching to store and process these packets simultaneously, thus making the most of both software and hardware power for rendering effects. Ray Tracing although this method requires a special and somewhat more complex graphics processor design than previous generations.

Of course there is still the idea that the measure Hybrid Ray Tracing This is too complicated and difficult to be effective by using separate Ray Tracing processing cores as NVIDIA uses in Turing architecture, but it is important to remember that the same thing happened with vi PhysX's separate physical processing has also been successfully integrated into the software processing with CUDA cores in current graphics cards by the "blue team".

Operation diagram of Hybrid Ray Tracing technology

This information is "revealed" during the period of news that both the next generation of Microsoft and Sony gaming consoles are XBOX (Project Scarlett) and PlayStation 5 all use AMD RDNA architecture graphics processors with full support for technology Ray Tracing.

Of course, it is still too early to see the actual application of this technology, but gamers can still hope to support the technology of graphics processing chips coming from "red team." " Future.

You can find out the full text of AMD's patent here (link).

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