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Husband filed for divorce after having to move 18 times because his wife was afraid of cockroaches

TPO – After having to move 18 times in three years because of his wife’s fear of cockroaches, a man decided to file for divorce.

According to the SputnikThe couple in the state of Madhya Pradesh (India) got married in 2017, but the husband only knew his wife’s obsession in 2018, after the wife screamed away from the kitchen over seeing a cockroach and insisted. refusing to go to the kitchen anymore.

The husband (unnamed) said his wife’s scream was so loud that all family members panicked. After that, the wife insisted on moving to a new home, and repeated this request whenever she saw cockroaches.

“We moved for the first time in 2018 but unfortunately things didn’t stop there. We have changed 18 homes since then for the same reason,” the husband told local media.

The husband even revealed that he took his wife to many psychiatrists, including one at India’s top hospital, for treatment, but she refused to take any prescribed medications.

On the contrary, the wife believes her husband does not understand her and falsely blames her for mental illness.

Feeling too tired of having to move often, the husband finally decided to seek help from a lawyer and filed for divorce.

In India, the relationship between husband and wife is considered a very sacred relationship. Therefore, divorce is considered a sign of failure. According to statistics, out of 1,000 marriages in India, only 13 divorces.

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