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Husband failure failed, Google still tried to develop a new social network

After closing down platforms like Orkut, Google Buzz, and Google+ (along with messaging services like Allo and Google Wave), it looks like the search giant is testing a new social network called Shoelace.

Developed by Google's Area 120 software development team, Shoelace is a super-local social networking application (available on both Android and iOS) that aims to connect people based on common interests in specific events and activities of each person. In short, Shoelace is like a social network that encourages us to spend less time on our phones, instead doing something else in real life.

With Shoelace, users will be able to create "Loops" – like the loops that form when you wrap your shoelaces – basically where events can be shared with those. others in the app, with a secondary goal of helping people find one or two new friends.

Conversely, if you do not have any of your own events to recommend to everyone, you can choose your own interests according to the many categories available; Shoelace will rely on this information to suggest you a series of activities that he thinks you will like. You will definitely not be able to argue that there is nothing fun to do anymore!

Users can also create profiles to be able to share information about themselves, learn about other people in their group, and make it easier to organize and plan. for upcoming events. According to Shoelace's information on Google Play Store, the most recent app update has added "Loops" sharing functionality with hyperlinks, helping you exchange information about upcoming activities more easily than ever. over.

Unfortunately, at the present time, Shoelace can only be used in one place, New York City, although Google said their goal is to bring Shoelace to all cities in the United States in the future. Google even accepted people's suggestions about the locations where they should deploy this Shoelace social network in the next batch. And even if you live in or near NYC, Shoelace can only participate through the invitation.

Although there have been many failures in the social networking field, amid growing concerns about spending too much time on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are causing a negative impact on life. Our goal, a social network whose main goal is to encourage people to spend less time online and more time doing things in real life is really a new highlight.

And even if Shoelace cannot last for a long time, we should not be surprised if many of its unique features and ideas are integrated into Google Maps or other Google services in the future.

Reference: Gizmodo

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