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[Hướng dẫn lại] Test yourself CIC personal credit rating, are you carrying a bad debt or not?

Why do you need to check the CIC credit rating? If you are using a credit card, check your credit rating, or if you are borrowing, preparing to borrow, you can also check your credit rating, see the bank What are you thinking about the brothers so you know how to organize your work.

At the beginning of the year, I had a lesson to guide you to check your bad debt and enjoyed a great response, but now the website of the Vietnam National Credit Information Center has changed a lot, you want to check it yourself. Bad debt can no longer be done the same way. I would like to update a new way for you.

The good news is that this new way is very simple, you just need your phone running iOS or Android to do it.

First you install the app CiCB – Credit info for iOS or for Android

to check the CIC credit rating

I instructed by the app on iOS, but all operations are the same on Android, guys.

After installing the app takes a few seconds, you run the app. The first time you run the app, you will be asked to create an account, feel free to create as you like. After creating your account and logging in, you will see the following screen:

After installing and running the app, you will see 3 items: Open card, Borrow capital and Exploit the report.

We just need to see our own credit rating, so click "Report".

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After clicking Exploit the report, you must update the full personal information for the App. This is an app provided by the National Credit Information Center of Vietnam – under the State Bank of Vietnam so you can feel secure about the declared information.

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You need to provide the date of birth, email, ID number, date of issue, you also need to upload on the back of the ID / CCCD and take a portrait for the app.

The information you provide will be confirmed very quickly, almost instantly, after downloading and pressing the Next button, it is almost finished.

After providing information, you click the Exploit report button on the main screen, now you will have the option to report your personal credit.

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The report was made very quickly after the request, you finished the request is available to view immediately, without waiting.

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You can see your credit rating, the number of debts you have, and whether any debts are bad debts.
The picture above is my report, being ranked at 1 st by CIC center, with a score of 714 points. The day I request to report is today, but this report is based on the date the CIC center's last grading date was from August 2019.

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CIC Center also carefully sends you an email so that you can view the report on the browser, you can view it in the browser and download the report if you want.

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To view on the browser, click on the link in the email to visit the website of the Vietnam National Credit Information Center and download the report to view it.

Recalling the download link for brothers who need to check the CIC credit rating: App CiCB – Credit info for iOS or for Android

Some factors that reduce a brother's credit rating:
– Use a credit card but usually pay late, late.
– Frequently do not pay the full balance on your credit card statement.
– Buy installments and pay in installments.
– Borrowing from banks and late payment etc …

In the following article I will return to the topic of credit cards with the subject: How the bank calculates credit card interest rates, 45 days, 50 days, 60 days etc. No interest. Brothers watch home!

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