“Humiliation” developer Arkane launches 20th anniversary collection for only 109 yuan

“Humiliation” series developer Arkane Studios ushered in its 20th anniversary this year. Today they launched the “Arkane 20th Anniversary Collection” on Steam, which includes six popular games from Arkane. The original price is 449 yuan and the current price is 109 yuan. Interested Players canclick hereCheck it out on the Steam store~ Let’s take a look below!


[Range Xia]”Arkane 20th Anniversary Collection” Promo

“Arkane 20th Anniversary Collection” is now available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One, including the following games:

  · “Humiliation: Decided Edition” (including the full version of the game and all additional content)

  · “Humiliation 2”

  · “Humiliation: The Death of the Outsider”

  · “Predator”

  · “Dungeon Heroes” (Steam version only)

  · “The Dark Messiah of Might and Magic” (Steam version only)


“Arkane 20th Anniversary Collection” is currently on sale in Steam. The original price is 449 yuan and the current price is 109 yuan. The original price of the Xbox version is 99.99 US dollars. The discount price is 29.99 US dollars. The discount is left for 2 days. The PS4 version is currently not discounted, and the price is $99.99. Players who like this developer’s game may wish to support a wave now!


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