Human political ecology on the brink of collapse and disintegration?

Human political ecology on the brink of collapse and disintegration?

The wave of the 2020 US general election is still fluttering, with the Biden administration step by step into its socialist tendencies, and the so-called extreme leftist policy. “Progressiveism“The anxiety in the American people is also increasing, what Mr. Biden calls universal reconciliation more distant. While everyone was quietly watching the political upheaval of the United States, Myanmar in the East had a military coup happening, the CCP also cheered in the last vow before its demise. In the shadow of the resurgence of the epidemic and the continued sluggish economy, the number of Americans buying guns and applying for background checks reached new highs. Obviously, Americans are full of doubts about the future of society, and the people of the world are also full of doubts about the impact of the human political system and whether the human political ecosystem is on the brink of collapse. collapse and disintegrate.

Article by Dr. Ta Dien, currently teaching at Aiken Business School, University of South Carolina.

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At the heart of the matter are empty democracy dominated by powerful dark forces, democratic faction kidnapped by tyrants, pseudo-democracy executed by fraudulent officials, antidemocracy by communism. how far can the evil participate and manipulate in the dark? More importantly, democracy without moral impulses, in what direction will a society that has no moral ambitions end? This is probably the thing that people in the world today are most concerned about.

Human democracy originated in the ancient Greek period, the current American society prevailed “Obliteration culture” (Cancel culture), is also derived from “expulsion / anti-chainism ” (ostracism) of the ancient Greek state of Athens. Democracy is inherently a form where people have the right to choose legislators and rulers to rule over them. But the foundation of this form of government is the freedom of concentration and freedom of expression for all, tolerance and social equity, the right to participation of the people, the rights of citizens to certify. , the rights to vote of the people, the right to life of the people and the rights of the minorities. American political scientist Larry Diamond concluded that democracy must have four basic elements: free and fair elections to replace government, people actively participate in politics and civilians as Being a citizen, and protecting human rights for all citizens, there is an equal legal system for all.

If the election lacks transparency and fairness, people will no longer enthusiastically participate actively, citizens’ human rights are not protected under the banner of progressiveism and political correctness, and dignity of donation. The law and the law have been trampled on, people naturally have reason to suspect that such a regime is not what they really need.

When tens of millions or hundreds of millions of Americans, millions or tens of millions of Burmese, hundreds of millions or billions of Chinese and people around the world are seriously observing the clues of American politics, all started to rethink what was wrong with our world? Where is our future? Why is there darkness and despair everywhere? How will everyone’s anger and grief react? At such a time, the political regime of all humanity will face shock.

Under democratic politics, people often assume that it has a “complementary mechanism”, that is, people can change government through elections and replace corrupt politicians to do ” complementary ”institutions. Is this really possible? If the election can be fraudulent, it could lead to fraudsters to climb to high positions, and successful fraudsters can improve the electoral mechanism. [gian lận] of them and continue to control it! In that case, would this complementary mechanism be still effective?

Let’s look back at the draft Resolution 1 (HR1) of the 117th US House of Representatives. The bill will give Congress full authority over future national elections, requiring online voter registration. state, can register as voters on polling day, allows serious offenders – including murderers and rapists to vote, people under 18 can register to vote, loosen voter status, etc.While election violations and anomalies in 2020 are still not clearly investigated and corrected, the left has pushed for a bill to legalize and normalize possible behavior. lead to fraud. It is not surprising that those who grasp the situation exclaim that if the bill passes, it will be “death of democracy.

The so-called “impeachment” of Mr. Trump also shows that the crazy actions that politicians can make stems from personal resentment, jealousy, revenge and persistence, to “impeach.” a president is no longer in office. The parliamentary offensive has been condemned by Trump’s supporters, who say that the investigation and trial (the Capitol attack) is not over, but the House of Representatives blamed the attack on Trump “incite“. Trump has asked his supporters to peacefully appeal to congressmen, House of Representatives impeachment managers baselessly hooking up the bully’s attack with Trump’s side. , and confidently exaggerated the violent attack, ignoring the fact that the attack had nothing to do with Mr. Trump. The Senate decides for itself whether their impeachment is unconstitutional and the Supreme Court takes it off. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court refused to preside over the impeachment and the Senate actually elected a senator to be its judge. The senators themselves add the role of judges, jurors and witnesses, who in turn are unconstitutional and ignore the solemnity of the Constitution. The palace of American democracy has been continuously trampled!

Mr. Bruce L. Castor Jr., the attorney for defending Mr. Trump’s impeachment, has shown a tolerable appearance, some points he pointed out are very effective: The left in US politics is attacking against the political opponents and disenfranchise those political opponents! Furthermore, once the leftist stance is adopted, it will be the negation of the American Constitution and the first step leading to the destruction of the republic of America!

In the recent article of Mr. Wei Kinh Sinh, the former patriarch of the overseas democracy movement, mentioned the story of the Dai Phu (Kuai Dafu) – the No. 1 “mass leader” during the Van Revolution. of the CCP. The Dai Phu bloc shouted in falsely when answering why they thought of arresting Luu Thieu Ky with behavior “Beyond duty”, he said that Mao himself made the arrangements. At that time, he was called to Mao Zedong’s bedroom in Zhongnanhai, Jiang Qing said that he let him go to arrest Liu Shaoqi instead of letting the Minister of Public Security do it. Because according to party rules, subordinates cannot arrest superiors, but can let them “The masses arrest the bad guys“, And”Khoi Dai Phu is a mass, Luu Thieu Ky is a bad guy ”. When Khoi Dai Phu was charged with this and told the judge in court, the judge looked like he didn’t hear what he said! The Communist leaders were so dark and shameless, the people naturally felt a chill in their spine. But after the chills, let’s look back at American society. The actions of governors, state interior ministers, judges at all levels, courts and left-wing lawmakers refused to accept the case and ignore the facts. Isn’t that a copy of the CCP’s behavior? Everyone suddenly discovered the evil in the human world, exactly the same. The leader of the CCP Mao Zedong once said: “The world is peaceful, global with hot and cold”. The devil is dominating our world and has extended to America.

Obviously, the political ecosystem of human society today is facing disintegration, failure and disintegration. Because of moral corruption, the world’s leading democratic politics – the United States, has fallen into an endless constitutional crisis, and the government regime may be completely ineffective. Because of the corruption of morality, even fragile democracies like Myanmar, which have come out of a democratic movement, cannot avoid stepping into an autocratic trajectory. The weakening of the world’s democracies has made the wicked regimes stronger and stronger; Dictatorial regimes like the CCP can directly toy with politicians manipulated through bribery, bribery, extortion, and coercion to influence American politics.

The current political regime of mankind is facing shock. Democracy without moral bondage, democracy abducted by tyrannical people, artificial democracy manipulated by corrupt officials, democracy interfered by evil communism And how far can it go after manipulation in the dark? This is what people all over the world care most about.

Because of the corrupting morality of the media and those in government, suppressing the voices of the people, the public feels compassion and powerlessness, and the disappointment has discredited their. Trust in the regime, belief in people and confidence in politicians, have all hit the bottom.

In the darkest of moments, [hãy cùng] calls for a new political concept, a new government concept, political structure and a completely new political system that takes ethics as the foundation, and takes ethics as the measure. Its details may not be known yet; but the current turmoil and unrest in human society is paving the way for humanity to return to a moral based social structure!

Ta Dien
(The article shows the position and opinion of the individual author, the original was posted on Epoch Times)

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