Sforum - HongMeng-Logo latest technology information page Huawei's HongMeng operating system website is just fake?

Huawei's HongMeng operating system site is just fake?

Not long ago, a report appeared to reveal that https://hmxt.org/ will be Huawei's official HongMeng operating system website.

According to Gizchina, this site introduces features and news related to Huawei HongMeng operating system but has quite old content and has not been officially registered.

In addition, the domain name, query information and language of this site are also problematic. Even so, it made many tech lovers curious, and made Huawei open an investigation.

According to a spokesman from a Huawei employee, https://hmxt.org/ is not the official website of HongMeng operating system. At the same time, information about Huawei launching this operating system at the end of the year is untrue. Huawei internal staff said: “I don't know who is making this site but easily recognize the operating system logo is not correct. First, it stretches horizontally and the logo of Huawei Consumer Business is misleading..

Sforum - HongMeng-OS latest technology information page Huawei's HongMeng operating system website is just fake?  In addition, Hu Houkun, Huawei's vice president, told the media that HongMeng's operating system has not been fixed. In addition, he also said that Huawei is a loyal supporter of the Android ecosystem, applications and services of Google and its smartphones in the market will not be affected.

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