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Huawei: We don't want users to buy their products just because of patriotism

After the US banned Huawei from cooperating with any of its companies, many users in China showed patriotism by supporting the purchase of Chinese equipment. However, Chen Lifang, Director and President of Huawei's Communications Department, has a different view on this issue.

According to Gizmochina, Chen Lifang said that internal Huawei understands its position well. She said if Huawei does not make good products, innovate its technology and services, the company will not be able to survive only with the patriotism of users in the long run. Therefore, the Chinese manufacturer is currently focused on creating good products regardless of the surrounding issues.

Back in May, Huawei founder Nham Chinh Phi had a move to "cool down" nationalism with his brand by speaking well about Apple. Specifically, Mr. Nham gave "Apples" had a good ecosystem and he still bought iPhone for relatives when they were abroad.

With this move, it seems that Huawei doesn't want users to buy their products just because it's patriotic. Instead, the Chinese manufacturer wants to continue to focus on creating good quality products.

Honestly, there is a reason why Huawei does not want to build itself into a national brand. Although originating from China, smarttphone Huawei is currently quite popular worldwide. Therefore, they need the support of global users and the only way to ensure this is to create high quality products at competitive prices.

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