Huawei Watch Fit in hand: Elegant design for young people, plenty of fitness and fitness features, long battery life
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Huawei Watch Fit in hand: Elegant design for young people, plenty of fitness and fitness features, long battery life

In the near future, in Vietnam, we will be on the shelves of a cheap smartwatch from Huawei called Huawei Watch Fit. We also got our hands on some versions of this smartwatch and gave you a quick initial feeling. Stay tuned to see if there’s anything interesting on the Huawei Watch Fit!

Huawei Watch Fit
On hand Huawei Watch Fit.

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The Huawei Watch Fit has a slim and light design

Huawei Watch Fit
Huawei Watch Fit carrying case.
Huawei Watch Fit
The charging cable is included with Huawei Watch Fit.

Huawei Watch Fit has a compact design line, not a circular watch face like it does on its device. Instead, it has a rectangular watch face.

Huawei Watch Fit
Huawei Watch Fit green version.

The watch has a soft curved design at 4 corners and a silicone finished band with a perforated design. The screen bezel of the watch is moderately thin, the bottom bezel still looks the thickest.

Huawei Watch Fit
The right edge of the Huawei Watch Fit has a physical key and microphone.
Huawei Watch Fit
The bottom panel has a connector for charging and sensors.

The watch weighs only 34 grams, so wearing it on hand feels light, so it is suitable for a lot of people.

In my hand, there is a green version, giving a friendly, fresh feeling. And there’s also a feminine and gentle pink version for women. In general, the Huawei Watch Fit has an elegant, youthful design suitable for active young people.

Huawei Watch Fit
Huawei Watch Fit pink version.

1.64 inch AMOLED screen has a resolution of 280×465 px, pixel density of 326 ppi. The display is relatively sharp and vibrant, in addition to this screen is also covered with tempered glass for increased durability.

Huawei Watch Fit supports 96 exercise modes, fitness monitoring and good battery life

Huawei Watch Fit
The Huawei Watch Fit’s screen is relatively stable.

To customize the watch face and conveniently monitor multiple modes of the Huawei Watch Fit, you can install the Huawei Heath app and connect to your smartphone.

  • Download Huawei Heath for Android.

  • Download Huawei Heath for iOS.

You can of course choose from an existing watch face or create one from your personal library. In addition, Huawei Watch Fit also supports changing watch face themes to suit you, isn’t it interesting?

Huawei Watch Fit
Huawei Watch Fit lets you create your own watch face from your personal gallery.

Notably, Huawei Watch supports up to 96 training modes including 11 real-time professional sports modes and 85 custom modes. When exercising, the device can automatically recognize when you start to exercise and then track heart rate, calories consumed. Not stopping there, there are also 12 forms of home exercise for busy people.

Huawei Watch Fit
Some health related functions on the Huawei Watch Fit.

In addition to fitness support, the Huawei Watch Fit assists in measuring blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and offers tips for improving health. Moreover, the device is capable of accurately analyzing your sleep condition and quality and giving advice for you to improve your sleep. The watch is also capable of monitoring stress and offering breathing exercises to help you release it.

The watch is also a friend of women when it is possible to help calculate the cycle and make predictions so that women can mentally prepare for the red light days.

Huawei Watch Fit
The Huawei Watch Fit is also a companion to the sisters.
Huawei Watch Fit
The Huawei Watch Fit has good battery life.

Another plus point, the device has a full charge time of about 90 minutes and can accompany you up to 10 days in basic usage. In addition, the watch also integrates utilities such as weather forecast, alarm, timer, stopwatch, flashlight …

General conclusion

After a short time using Huawei Fit, I feel this is a smart watch suitable for sports training, fitness tracking and menstrual cycle tracking for you. female.

In addition, the battery life of this device is relatively long. Although the appearance is not high-end but still gives a sense of elegance, hopefully the selling price of the product will be easily accessible. Do not know how you rate the Huawei Watch Fit, please share your opinion below!

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Huawei Watch Fit dây silicone

Goods coming soon
Expected: 3.290.000 ₫
Screen: AMOLED, 1.64 inchCompatibility: Android 7.0 or above, iOS 9 and aboveBattery life: About 10 daysBlood oxygen concentration measurement (SpO2), Heart rate measurement, Automatic detection of exercise mode

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Currently, Huawei Watch Fit silicone smartwatches are about to be in business and are priced at 3,290,000 VND, the price is determined by the company.
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