Huawei was "bricked" by the Wi-Fi association: what does this mean? - VnReview

Huawei was "bricked" by the Wi-Fi association: what does this mean? – VnReview

The list of companies claiming to "take a break" with Huawei continues to grow long as the Wi-Fi association has temporarily taken away the membership of the Chinese company.

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Until now, the companies announced to stop cooperating with Huawei, after President Trump put Huawei into the black list of the Ministry of Trade, including Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft, … and the most serious is ARM. Most recently, the Wi-Fi Alliance (Wi-Fi Alliance) has also temporarily removed Huawei's membership, according to sources. Nikkei Asian Review.

This is the official announcement of the association:

"The Wi-Fi Association adheres to the US Department of Commerce decree without completely excluding Huawei from the association. The Wi-Fi Association temporarily limits Huawei Technologies' participation in our activities under this decree".

According to the Android Authority, the Wi-Fi association is an alliance of companies like Apple, Qualcomm, Boardcam, Intel, … to jointly develop new wireless networking technologies. Although losing a temporary membership does not mean that Huawei cannot create new Wi-Fi devices, but Huawei will no longer contribute to the future of Wi-Fi.

In other words, this doesn't affect Huawei in the short term, but in the long run will make Huawei lose its competition in the market.

Of course, Huawei and China can jointly establish their own Wi-Fi alliance or join other alliances not in the US; But being out of the world's largest Wi-Fi alliance today will make Huawei extremely difficult to compete.

Before being "bricked" by the Wi-Fi association, Huawei was also banned from the SD Association, some of its devices were also removed from the Android Enterprise Recommended program.

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