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Huawei warns if turning away from Android, "Google will lose 700-800 million users"

If Huawei because of US government sanctions can no longer use Android and find an alternative such as Russia's Hongmeng OS or Aurora, Google will suffer no small losses due to the loss of a large number of people. use. Huawei CEO – Nham Chinh Phi warned:

"Huawei will always be in parallel on benefits and if we do not use Google's operating system, Google will lose 700-800 million users in the future."

Major Chinese telecom firms were blacklisted by Trump for allegedly spying on Beijing. Google owns Android OS currently being used on many phones Huawei is also one of the US technology companies that are restricted from doing business with Huawei.

Google was allowed to issue Huawei's current product updates until August 19 this year, and when Trump's ban was applied completely, Huawei would not be allowed to access the app or translate. Google's service and can only use the open source version of Android. There are still about a month and a half left, the fate of Huawei smartphones is still unknown, but Huawei soon made a move to reassure users such as announcing 17 updated smartphones to Android Q and refunding 100% if Users can not use Google and Facebook applications … in the Philippines

Stories banned from using Android as well as US technologies were thought of by Nham Chinh Phi founder at least 7 years ago. In a "digging" conference on the lake in Shanghai, Mr. Nham and a group of senior administrators began developing a separate operating system that could run on laptops and smartphones called Hongmeng. OS. Recently, the issue of technology transition was also discussed in the framework of the meeting between Russian President Putin and President Xi Jinping, which mentioned that Huawei tested the Aurora operating system – a system Based on Sailfish OS but developed by Russia.
The US crackdown on Huawei takes place in the context of the world's two largest economies being trapped in a vibrant trade war. Washington has also tried to convince allies to refuse to use Huawei's technology and equipment when it is actively involved in deploying 5G across Europe.

Although some EU members are still cautious while doing business with Huawei, others do not realize the security risk from Chinese companies. Currently Germany and Hungary do not exclude Huawei in the 5G network infrastructure bids while Spain is still using Huawei's equipment when deploying 5G in 15 cities.


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