Foxconn has closed down Huawei smartphone production lines

Huawei: This time wants to surpass Samsung is not easy

According to Honorary Chairman Zhao Ming, Huawei is currently considering the possibility of adjusting its internal goals. He said it was still too early for Huawei to surpass Samsung because the business situation is now in trouble.

According to sources familiar with the issue, Foxconn recently stopped Huawei's smartphone production lines. The reason is that Huawei suddenly reduced new smartphone orders due to weakening demand from the US ban.

It is currently unclear whether Huawei's production cut is temporary or long-term, but it has had a negative impact on Foxconn. By early this year, Foxconn hired a lot of new workers to assemble Huawei's smartphones.

Ming-Chi Kuo analyst recently forecast that Huawei's sales will drop significantly this year. The best case scenario, involving Huawei launching a new Android-based operating system at some point in the near future, could help Huawei sell 240 to 250 million smartphones by the end of the year. This is down when compared to the previous 270 million units.

However, if the company does not take advantage of the "homegrown" operating system by the end of this year, Huawei's smartphone sales may fall to just 180 million.


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