Sforum - Latest technology information page 65771125_334667370786320_7530654360972296192_n Huawei smartphone has a shocking price drop of up to 3.4 million VND at CellphoneS

Huawei smartphones dropped shockingly to 3.4 million dong at CellphoneS

Starting from July 1 to July 31, when buying any Huawei smartphone at CellphoneS system, customers will receive instant attractive promotions, discounting products up to VND 3.4 million.

Specifically, in this July, customers will receive promotions 15% off immediately on the listed price for all Huawei smart phone products being sold at CellphoneS store system.

For example, for the Huawei P30 Pro, which has a price listed on CellphoneS, it is VND 22,990,000. When you buy this product in July, you will receive promotion 15% off forever it mean VND 3.4 million reduction on the list price, remaining VND 19,950,000.

Besides, during this period, if customers buy products at CellphoneS and pay by VNPAY-QR, they will receive 5% discount, maximum is 500,000 VND for each bill.

In addition, with the purpose of helping customers feel secure about product quality and bring the best experience for users with Huawei's smartphones, CellphoneS has implemented the program. committed to 100% refund for Huawei devices with Facbook, Google, ….

Specifically, the 100% money back guarantee program is applied to Huawei smartphones purchased at CellphoneS from June 27 come September 30 (deadline within 2 years use from the time of purchase indicated on the invoice) if you have problems with Google applications (Play, Maps, Gmail …) as well as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. You will be refunded 100% with devices that fail to experience one of the above applications.

For details about the program "100% money back guarantee for Huawei products at CellphoneS", you can consult more carefully. here.

Sforum - Latest technology information page huawei-p30-1 Huawei smartphone with extremely shocking price up to 3.4 million VND at CellphoneS

So far, Huawei is still known as a big technology brand from China, bringing diverse phones from cheap to high-end with good quality. Customers can go to CellphoneS branches to experience products as well as learn more about attractive promotions.


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