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Huawei revealed the truth, Android revenue for developers is 60% less than iOS

Google usually does not disclose the number of users and revenue figures from their Android operating system. Even Google hasn’t updated the statistics on the number of users for each different Android version since May, so a recent source revealed the revenue of Android, iOS has shown a few things. exciting.

These figures were revealed at the Huawei Developer Day conference, in a slide show from Francisco Jeronimo, Huawei’s vice president at IDC. He shared an image showing the revenue distribution across different mobile platforms and Apple generated 50% of the total revenue of 66 billion USD from mobile OS. Google Play is much smaller at 27%, of which surprisingly the Chinese market accounts for 20%, while other markets only 3%. If these numbers are true, it is not surprising that Google has never published these figures before.

  • App Store [33 tỉ USD] (50%)
  • Google Play [18 tỉ USD] (27%) (Play Store revenue on licensed Android versions of Google)
  • China [13 tỉ USD] (20%) (Revenue on third-party app markets, non-Google Android app market. CHARACTERISTICS IN CHINA MARKET only)
  • Other [2 tỉ USD] (3%) (Revenue on third-party application markets, non-Google Android application market. IN markets outside China)

According to each firm’s data, Apple is said to have about 1 billion iOS users, while Google has about 2.5 billion Android users. Although Android is overwhelming in number of users, the revenue earned for developers is the exact opposite. Each iOS user generates $ 33 for developers ($ 33 billion divided by 1 billion users), this number for Android users is only 13.2 USD ($ 33 billion divided by 2.5 billion users), less than 60%. So apps and games tend to land on iOS first, despite a smaller number of users.

This information was revealed from a Huawei event, Huawei is the world’s largest Android OEM, and with the US ban on Google Mobile Services, it was prompted to release an alternate version, HMS (Huawei Mobile Services). core 4.0 to developers around the world. So if the information they provide is accurate, this could be a move that shows the financial appeal for developers to increase their support for the Chinese market in general and HMS in particular. .

Wanting to attract people, there’s no faster way than showing them how much money they can make. Also reasonable, what do you think about this issue?

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