Huawei phones are rejected by a famous carrier to ship to the US - Photo 1.

Huawei phones are denied by the famous carrier to ship to the US

If you plan to ship an Huawei phone to the US, you will probably be surprised. Last week, reporters at PC Magazine tried to ship a Huawei P30 from their UK office to the United States, and were extremely surprised when only a few days later, the order was returned to the sending place. Because the sender has indicated on the package that this is a phone with the device's IMEI code, so from the beginning, the transporter clearly knew the box they received from the customer contained a Huawei phone, but The package was still shipped from England to Indianapolis – from British Parcelforce shipping company to their US partner FedEx – until the US discovered a legal issue, and forced the package back. Brother. According to the notice attached to the package, the issue raised by the US is due "US government issues with Huawei and the Chinese government".

Notice sheet on package returned

It is worth mentioning here that there is no specific law that forces FedEx to do so; The company simply made its own decision, so it did not get into trouble regarding Huawei's phone. Surprisingly, when PC Magazin contacted another UPS company, UPS, the company said it would gladly accept orders to ship. When contacting Huawei, the company said that FedEx's return was a complete misunderstanding of US ordinances.

On Saturday morning, FedEx announced a statement admitting that it had made a mistake:

"The package was mistakenly returned to shipper, and we apologize for this. As a global company with the ability to ship 15 million orders a day, we are committed to complying with all laws and regulations, minimizing impact on customers while adjusting operations to comply with the legal environment. American dynamics ".

FedEx says they can "accept and ship all Huawei products, except any products listed in the US blacklist ". That said, but in this case, the company blamed the others, that "a note about the reason for sending it to the sender on the package not made by FedEx ".

However, we can understand why FedEx is so confused. Over the past few months, a series of transaction restrictions have been imposed on Huawei, mostly for conflicting reasons. The company has long been silently introduced into the "black book" by US network operators, and is now banned from US mobile networks and is not allowed to cooperate with US technology companies. None of these rules prohibit a British citizen from shipping an apparently sold phone to the United States. But like every other company, in the process of enforcing the laws, FedEx seems to have decided to use the company's policy to avoid the trouble as far as possible.

What is annoying about this incident is that there is no clear purpose to explain FedEx's action. No decree against Huawei has ever been issued to make it difficult to ship phones to the US. Because no American carrier supports Huawei, it is difficult to use Huawei phones to connect to an American mobile network. And the American purpose of banning Huawei phones is to avoid causing network vulnerabilities (such as Huawei's signal columns in US mobile networks) or to avoid technology transfer (such as American technology in Huawei phones), but both are not related to this case.

Therefore, FedEx reasoned to prevent shipping a phone is not satisfactory. If you want to sell Huawei phones in the US, you will never ship them one by one. Only a few phones are difficult to become a threat to the consistency of US mobile networks, and blocking them completely will cause real consequences. If you're an Android developer or web developer trying to see how your program runs on one of the most popular phones in Europe, you're simply not lucky at all!

Reference: TheVerge

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