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Huawei PC officially launches “multi-screen collaboration”

At the new product launch conference held in Munich, Germany on the evening of September 19, Huawei brought a new interactive experience to the notebook through distributed technology-the “multi-screen collaboration” function, and realized the collaborative operation of Huawei mobile phones and Huawei notebooks. , Data transfer and multi-screen control.

On the evening of September 19th, Beijing time, Huawei held a Mate30 series new product launch conference in Munich, Germany. The newly launched flagship smartphones Mate30 and Mate 30 Pro are absolute highlights and attracted great attention from netizens. But Huawei also announced a new technology for PC interaction, which is also worthy of our in-depth understanding. This is the “multi-screen collaboration” function that Huawei brings to the notebook, which realizes the coordinated operation, data transfer and multi-screen control of Huawei mobile phones and Huawei notebooks.

“Multi-screen collaboration” is an upgraded version of the “One Touch” feature created by Huawei notebooks. “One Touch” is a new feature that Huawei first introduced on MateBook 13 notebooks, providing a new way for file transfer between mobile phones and computers. The new “multi-screen collaboration” function realizes many innovative experiences on the basis of one-touch transmission. For example, the mobile phone interface can be mirrored to the PC screen to achieve two “ends” with the same screen. Consumers can do it on the PC. Play mobile applications and edit the contents of mobile phone documents to achieve two-way dragging of mobile phone and PC files. With this feature, apps that were previously only available on mobile phones can also be used on PCs. For example, you can open the mobile phone app on the PC, read news, watch videos, use office apps, and realize two-way transmission of files through simple drag and drop actions. This is a change in collaboration and interaction between mobile phones and PCs.

Under Huawei’s distributed security system, the “multi-screen collaboration” function can ensure that the right people, on the right devices, access the right data. Only legal devices that have been authenticated by the user can connect to other devices, and at the same time, the communication content between the devices is encrypted to ensure the security of data transmission.

The EMUI10 announced with the Mate30 series of mobile phones perfectly fits the “multi-screen collaboration” function. With just one touch, you can combine Mate30 series mobile phones and notebooks into one to achieve a variety of collaborative operations. The Huawei Mate30 series equipped with EMUI10, with the blessing of distributed technology, reconstructs the interactive imagination of smartphones and PCs, and opens a smart life in all scenes. As EMUI10 is gradually landing on other models, this function will cover more mobile phone users.

The emergence of the “multi-screen collaboration” function is of great significance to people who need multiple devices to work. This function realizes the synergy between the PC and the mobile phone. The advantages of the PC and the mobile phone can complement each other. The functions of the two devices of the PC and the mobile phone can be realized on one PC. Whether it is office or entertainment, it can get more than ever. Device collaboration experience.

The innovative function of Huawei notebook “multi-screen collaboration” is not only a simple operation such as the mutual transfer of files between PC and mobile phones. Bridge the gap between mobile phones and computers. The PC’s keyboard, mouse, and touch screen have become mobile phone peripherals. At the same time, PC’s more professional application ecology has also been used to bring an efficient and convenient office experience.

The “multi-screen collaboration” function requires a Huawei laptop with PC Manager version 10.0 and above and a Huawei mobile phone with EMUI10 and above to experience. The specific supported models can refer to Huawei’s official website. At present, Huawei has successively pushed the computer housekeeper version 10.0 to Huawei’s new MateBook X Pro / MateBook 14 / MateBook 13 three notebooks. Consumers who purchase these three notebooks from now on, or consumers who have already purchased these three notebooks, can try something new. Experience “multi-screen collaboration”.


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