Huawei P30 Pro reduced the price, the amount of buying old Huawei phones increased sharply

Huawei P30 Pro reduced the price, the amount of buying old Huawei phones increased sharply

Cho Good said that within 10 days since Google officially announced it had stopped working with Huawei on May 20, traffic to buy Huawei in Cho Cho's electronics section increased nearly 100%, of which The most prominent ones are 3 lines P30, Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro.

As ICTnews reported, after an incident with Google, there was a lot of information users were buying on shopping sites, wanting to buy the P30 Pro for a few million dongs, but there was no news that P30 Pro was cheap. as for so.

Specifically, in Cho Tot, at the beginning of June, Huawei's highest-end phone model, the P30 Pro and Mate 20 Pro, is still on sale at prices above 10 million, P30 Lite and P20 Pro are for sale. The price range is 5-10 million, unchanged from the previous price.

Understanding the old phone price on the Mobile World system, the old P30 Pro still kept the price of VND 17-18 million, with no price fluctuations since it was introduced in Vietnam.

Search round of Huawei users in Good Market in the past time – Source: Chợ Tốt

However, according to Cho Tot's statistics, the used Huawei lines have the deepest discount because of the impact of the May 20 event, including Huawei Y5, which decreased by 30% on average, Y3 25% off, many post sellers sell for around VND 1 million.

Honor phones – the sub-brand of Huawei – are not less affected, particularly the Honor 9 and Honor 10 which cost about 20% more than before May 20. However, in addition to the P30, P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro lines with increased number of contacts, the number of contacts on the remaining Huawei posts dropped by an average of 35% compared to 10 days ago.

Huawei P30 Pro and P30 discount 3 million VND

In the last 3 days of this week, since June 16, Huawei's two latest high-end smartphones simultaneously dropped by 3 million dong each. At large systems, the P30 Pro and P30 cost about VND 19.99 million and VND 13.99 million respectively.

One person is trying out the P30 Pro when it comes out in Vietnam – Photo: Hai Dang

It is difficult to determine whether this price reduction move of Huawei is affected by the fact that it was announced by many technology companies to stop cooperating. Typically, large systems in Vietnam often offer strong discount programs on weekends to stimulate demand, then the product price will return to the same.

The strong discount of high-end smartphones on weekends is still applied to Apple and Samsung in Vietnam.


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