Huawei P30 Pro old goods discount 2-3 million

Huawei P30 Pro old goods discount 2-3 million

On The Gioi Di Dong's second-hand site, the Huawei P30 Pro is being sold for VND 15.3 million, lower than about VND 2-3 million a month ago.

The old P30 Pro was sold by Mobile World – Screenshot

Specifically, there are about 6 old P30 Pro cars, 9 months genuine warranty, advertised for 15.3 million, sold at Mobile World supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City.

The most expensive P30 Pro, the most expensive old machine, is listed at 16.35 million dong, with a genuine warranty for more than 10 months.

Thus, these machines are used by users for 3-4 months, then resold. Machines sold at The Gioi Di Dong are sourced from customers who buy machines at this chain.

Compared to more than a month ago, the price of the P30 Pro has dropped by VND 2-3 million. At the end of May, old machines sold at Mobile World were popular at over 17 million dong.

The situation is similar at FPT Shop chain. Huawei's highest-end old machines are priced from 17.69 to 18.2 million dong, but this string all minus 1.7 million dong on each machine, causing the machine price to be 15.99 to 16.5 million dong. .

One person is trying out the P30 Pro when it comes out in Vietnam – Photo: Hai Dang

On Cho Good site, specializing in selling old goods posted by small shops or individuals, the price of P30 Pro also decreased by more than 1 million compared to before.

More than a month ago, the P30 Pro price on this site is not less than VND 15.1 million. Currently, there are news for 14.1 million VND, 11 months genuine warranty. Other news have popular prices from this level to about VND 15 million. Usually this price can be reduced if the buyer negotiates with the individual seller.

More than a month ago, Huawei faced a lot of difficulties when Google announced to stop licensing Android for its smartphones. At the same time, many other companies such as Intel, Broadcom, ARM, etc. also began to cease cooperation with Huawei. Many retail partners and operators around the world at that time reduced the sales of smartphone companies with the world's No. 2 market share.

However, Huawei's new machine price did not fall during the tension between the company and its partners, stemming from the US ban imposed on Huawei.

Recently, there are signs that the US has eased the ban on Huawei, but there has been no official decision on this.


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