Huawei left the launch date of the phone with Mate X, most likely will not use the Android platform - VnReview
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Huawei left the launch date of the phone with Mate X, most likely will not use the Android platform – VnReview

After Samsung, Chinese tech giant Huawei delayed the launch of its first folding phone version, when the planned setback will be released in September, instead of June as previously planned.

Just recently, a representative from Huawei confirmed with the paper CNBC that their folded phone version, Mate X, will move its release date in September instead of June as expected, for the reason "want more time to perfect the product". In other words, the US "no-entry" policies of the US are not the main reason for the delay, but the company is trying to market a perfect product. , avoid the incident as we have seen in Samsung's Galaxy Fold.

"We don't want to create a device that can ruin the company's reputation.", Huawei representative declared.

However, it is undeniable that sanctions policies from the US and some allies have been, and will be, very difficult for Huawei during this period, and especially for the launch of Mate X. next September.

The first problem that we need to mention is the operating system, when Huawei will not be able to use the software and hardware developed by US companies, including Windows and Android. Meanwhile in February, Huawei Mate X was revealed to be using the integrated Android operating system, and this means that Huawei must aggressively find an Android alternative on Mate X, is it Hongmeng?

On the other hand, if Mate X Android version was released sooner – before US President Donald Trump signed the executive ordinance – perhaps now everything was easier for Huawei, by ban. Only applicable to new devices that use US products, but at the same time absolutely nothing to the devices already on the market. Simply stated, if Huawei can "launch" the launch of Mate X running Android operating system before Mr. Trump signs the punishment, it is now possible to "peacefully" circulate commercially. .

Currently, due to the effect of the ban, Huawei during this time will not be allowed to use the Android operating system, so the company is still trying to build Hongmeng, an internal platform that Huawei believes has enough. Ability to replace Android. The operating system is expected to be completed in the fall and then installed on the first smartphones launched in China later this year.


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