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Huawei is willing to sign a "non-reconnaissance commitment" for the US to remove the ban

President of Huawei Group, Mr. Liang Hua recently announced to the press present at Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, China, that "we are ready to sign a commitment not to spy on countries" to be continue to sell telecom network infrastructure equipment, and the US abolished an embargo that does not allow components and technology to be imported and receives technical assistance from large US corporations, which makes the community warm up the past few weeks. Previously, Huawei also sent a similar message to Germany and the United Kingdom in an effort to race to become the 5G device supplier with the largest market share in the world.

This statement by Luong Hoa appeared just before US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May had talks on Huawei issues, domestic security issues and shared intelligence during the trip. US President's travel to England.

Mr. Trump talked about the conversation with Mrs. May: “We will definitely have an agreement on Huawei and other issues. We have great intelligence and will solve all the conflicts. ”

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A month ago, Theresa May dismissed the cabinet's concerns about the security of Huawei devices during a meeting of the British Homeland Security Council to determine whether to allow the use of the device. Huawei in infrastructure systems is not the key in the UK 5G system in the future. The problem is that the US side does not have to go through these meetings, because basically the major US carriers have no intention of using Huawei's devices before the booming commercial war and the president. Trump signed a ban on Huawei's telecommunications equipment from docking in the United States.

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Currently according to Forbes, Huawei is trying to seek help from Beijing to turn the game around, thereby helping Huawei avoid the crisis that may affect the very existence of this group, turning the whole decade. Century development and attack on Huawei's international market became a success. Before being cornered by the US, Huawei was on the path of usurping Samsung, becoming the leader in the smartphone market, at the same time strengthening its position as the world's largest telecommunications equipment provider.

Now both of those goals, with US sanctions, are threatened more than ever. It was recently reported that Foxconn closed down some of Huawei's production lines, which was a direct result of the US ban. In the first quarter, they were still standing on Apple in terms of sales of smartphones, but by the second quarter, it was not known which cat bite. Meanwhile, the Chinese side are preparing to react, with the "list of unreliable corporations", just as the US is doing, and the chess pieces that prohibit the export of rare earths that they have not yet launched towards America.

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One thing to keep in mind is that, after meeting with President Trump, Mrs May will resign, and does not rule out the possibility that her successor, owner of the house No. 10 Downing Street will follow the US step, ban the set Huawei is in the UK.


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