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Huawei is testing Hongmeng operating system on Huawei Mate 30

According to a recent report, Huawei seems to be testing its new operating system HongmengOS on the upcoming flagship Mate 30.

Speaking of the ban, President Trump recently allowed American companies to do business with Huawei after he talked to the Chinese President. Even so, the US Department of Commerce still lists Huawei as a blacklist. That's why Huawei's Hongmeng operating system can still be useful for the company. And it does not exclude the possibility that it will be used on future Huawei smartphones, including the upcoming Mate 30 product line.

Today, some reports from Huawei Central said that Huawei is currently testing HongMeng OS on flagship Mate 30. The source said they received that information via an e-mail from a "related" person. In the e-mail, the source was also informed that Hongmeng OS will release with Huawei Mate 30, although they did not really mention whether it was pre-installed or not.

Notably, that e-mail did not confirm the name of the operating system was not mentioned and they were generally only Andreas Hongmeng OS. Huawei actually registered this name last month in several countries, so this is probably the name of its new OS. Let's wait and see how Huawei moves in the near future!

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