Huawei is activating Plan B to get its own technology by 2021, no need to depend on ARM - Photo 1.

Huawei is activating Plan B for its own technology by 2021

In a recent interview with France's Challenges page, Huawei's director in France, Zhang Minggang said, the company is activating its "Plan B" to get its own technology in 2021.

During the interview, Mr. Zhang also admitted that Huawei was part of the unanticipated loss of the US-China trade war. That forced Huawei to adjust its growth plan with revenue falling from 125 to 130 billion USD according to the original plan to 100 billion USD.

Huawei believes that their alternative operating system is "the inevitable".

Mr. Zhang Minggang, Huawei director in France.

Mr. Zhang Minggang also stressed in the interview that a series of important suppliers cut ties with Huawei caused serious consequences. However, as the company claims after those challenges, Huawei is preparing for "Plan B".

With so many conflicting claims over the past few weeks about HongMeng OS – seen as an alternative operating system for Android – it seems like the company is still hoping to continue using Android on its smartphones.

The director sees this new operating system as "inevitable" and emphasizes that: "We are forced to do so. "

But mobile operating systems are just one part of these challenges, an integral part is processors. So far, HiSilicon, a subsidiary that designs Kirin processors for Huawei smartphones, is dependent on architectural licensing from ARM. Recently, after Huawei was blacklisted in the US, ARM also said it had stopped cooperating to license processor architecture for Huawei.

In 2021, Huawei will have its own technology

Huawei is activating Plan B to get its own technology by 2021, no need to depend on ARM - Photo 2.

Huawei said, the company "is preparing for the worst, "which includes suppliers abandoning the company. Therefore, they will only be able to rely on their own technology, including semiconductors.

"[HiSilicon] that Plan B will help us move forward"Mr. Zhang said, but at the same time he admitted that the situation for ARM was not planned before the start of the trade war. But he also emphasized that, in any school. Anyway, the company also "need to invest more aggressively to activate your B plan".

However, Mr. Zhang believes that, when these difficulties are overcome "in 2021 … we will have our own technology ". This is similar to a previous statement by the founder of Huawei, Nham Chinh Phi: "We will become stronger than before. "

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