Huawei is about to fire hundreds of US employees - Photo 1.

Huawei is about to fire hundreds of employees in the US

According to a new report from Wall Street Journal, Chinese telecommunications company Huawei is preparing to dump hundreds of employees in the United States. In recent months, the company has met many difficulties after being put into a ban on US buying by President Trump.

According to WSJ, hundreds of these layoffs are part of Huawei's US subsidiary, Futurewei Technologies, which runs several research labs. According to the report, Huawei will allow some Chinese employees to choose between staying or returning to China to continue working in the company. Some other employees said they had been told they would have to leave when other layoffs were planned in the near future.

Earlier, in May, the White House issued executive orders to prevent US companies from selling products to companies listed on the US Department of Commerce's entity. The consequence of this made Huawei unable to purchase the necessary components and software for its products.

Although it seems that Huawei has been eased somewhat from the ban after the G20 Summit last month, the guidelines of Trump's administration show that everything will not change until the two the nation resolves its disagreements.

Refer to The Verge

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