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Huawei has filed another trademark application for the new operating system – Harmony?

Huawei recently submitted a trademark application for a mobile operating system called Harmony and will most likely be the Chinese company's replacement for Android.

Specifically, LetsGoDigital reported that Huawei has registered a new mobile operating system called Harmony at EUIPO (European Union Office of Intellectual Property) on July 12, 2019. It is known that the OS This is used for mobile phones and computers.

According to GSM Arena, it is possible that Harmony and Ark will be the two names used by Huawei in the global market for genuine operating systems. It is known that HongMeng OS (the name for the Chinese home market) has been developed by this Chinese manufacturer for a long time, before the embargo from the US government.

Recently, it has become more popular after US trade tensions – Middle China has led to a ban on Huawei to use technologies originating from the United States. Although currently, the ban has been "relaxed" by the US government, but it is clear there is no guarantee in the future that Huawei devices will be using Android and Windows.

So whatever happens, it seems that Huawei still wants to continue developing its own OS. According to a recent report, HongMeng OS is expected to appear as early as this fall and currently has about 1 million devices running it. In addition, Huawei's CEO boasted that HongMeng OS is faster than Android and can be used on devices from routers to data centers. Let's wait and see if Huawei will bring any surprises in the future!

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